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Selly Oak Studios

Unihousing provides the students of Birmingham both desirable and affordable student accommodation, including studios, apartments and shared houses. All the student accommodation offered by Unihousing are designed with you in mind and are easily within walking distance from the University of Birmingham campus. This ensures that students are not burdened with a stressful and rushed travel to and from their education.

Each studio is built to specifications which are chosen to provide the best possible experience for a student attending university. It is important for a student that they live in an environment which provides relaxation and comfort, so that they can perform their best during studies. The ideal student accommodation has to be coupled with the ideal student area. Selly Oak has been the student hub of Birmingham for years and continues to develop every year.

An Example Studio For Rent Birmingham

The following pictures come from one of Unihousing’s newly refurbished studios, located only a short walk from the university. This studio is fully furnished with a fitted kitchen including an oven and hob. A desk area is provided at which students can complete any work that may need doing outside of school hours. Finally, a bedroom and fitted shower room complete this comfortable yet stylish accommodation.

A Unihousing flat to let in Selly Oak.

Selly Oak studio kitchen

This modern kitchen provides a great place to cook and clean on a daily basis. It’s important that students can cook and prepare their own meals, which can help them save money and eat a healthy diet. Unihousing provides a microwave oven and worktop hob, alongside a fridge freezer.

studio to let in Selly Oak

As part of your student studio, a desk and chair are provided. This space is perfect for your studies, but can also be used to unwind after a busy day of lectures.

Selly Oak studio shower room

Each studio is equipped with a well sized, modern shower room. This will be a welcome addition for those who disliked the shared bathrooms in halls of residence.

Student studios offer a fantastic alternative to shared accommodation at an affordable price. Their increased level of privacy makes them a desirable commodity. For those who would like to stay away from loud and messy housemates, a quiet, peaceful and relaxing studio may be just what you’re looking for.

All of Unihousing’s Selly Oak flats and studios have central heating, showers, smoke detectors, fire doors, burglar alarms, washing machines, fridge freezers, annual decorating, modern furniture and appliance maintenance as standard. Students will not be required to spend any money on additional features as each property comes fully fitted and furnished. This can help make moving quick, easy and stress-free for students who will be moving into their student accommodation. It should also mean that your stay is comfortable and relaxing with all the things a student could need. Finally, Unihousing has its own dedicated maintenance team, which provides a fast and efficient service which will help to put your mind at ease if a problem should occur.

A Unihousing flat to let in Selly Oak.

Find a Selly Oak Studio

We would be delighted to help you find a Studio Apartment that suits your needs. You can contact us over the phone, via email or through our website. We like to be known as the 'Student's Friend' so contact us today. Visit our contact us page to book a viewing today.

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