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Tips to save students money at University

Here you will find all of the best tips and tricks to help you in your coming year at university.

1. Cooking Your Own Meals

Do your own cooking

A meal out with some friends can be a delicious treat, but it can also be quite expensive. One way a student can save themselves some money during their time at university is by cooking their own meals instead of eating out. It is much cheaper to buy your own ingredients and cook it yourself, not to mention that learning how to cook is a valuable skill. It always helps to have a friend who you can cook with. This can make cooking more fun and cost efficient.

4. Find A Part-Time Job

Find yourself a part time job

Working on top of university work may seem a little much, but it can really help with your funds. A Saturday job, or even something you can do a couple of evenings a week can be ideal. This will add some money into your pocket while not taking up too much of your study or social time. It’s also a chance to get something on your CV and learn some new skills which you may not have come across before. This can help make you more employable when you leave university.

5. Public Transport

Use public transport

At university, public transport should be your best friend. Not many students have a car during their time at university, normally due to them being too expensive to run on a student budget. Because of this, using public transport is a must. Students will find that there is money to be saved when using the bus and train. For frequent travellers, applying for a bus or train pass is a great way to shave a little money off each fare, saving you money every time you travel

6. Keeping Fit Without a Gym Membership

Avoid paying for the gym

Keeping fit and healthy by doing some form of exercise each week is important. While it can improve your overall health, it’s also good for helping with revision. For many students this will mean a trip to the gym. While the gym is a great place to work out and get fit, it will not have a positive effect on your bank account. Cheaper alternatives to a gym membership are either buying your own home equipment or using one of the many recreational areas around Selly Oak.

7. Late Evening Food Shopping

Food shop in the evenings

A good way to save yourself money on your food shop is by shopping late at night. Many large supermarkets will discount food late in the evening that is close to its sell by date. By taking advantage of these items you can save yourself a few pounds each week. This food will often stay edible for some time if stored properly. This simple little change can save you a lot across your time at university.

9. Email Discounts and Competitions

Check your emails for discounts

Email discounts and competitions can be a savvy way of saving money. Consider setting up a dummy email account that you can sign up for marketing emails from shops you frequently visit. This means you don’t get spam in your main email, but don’t miss out on discounts. Some businesses also post discounts on social media. It’s not only money to be saved but also to be made by getting involved with all the offers, deals and competitions. It takes little effort to use an online voucher, or sign up for a competition, and you could make or save a decent amount doing so.

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