10 Budgeting Tips for Life After Lockdown

Lockdown has been a difficult and unpleasant time for everyone. With life seemingly returning to normality, now is a good chance to re-evaluate what you do with your money and maybe make some changes for the better. And with more opportunities to spend money, now might be a suitable time to ensure your finances are kept under control.

With life seemingly returning to normality, now is a good chance to re-evaluate what you do with your money and maybe make some changes for the better. And with more opportunities to spend money, now might be a suitable time to ensure your finances are kept under control.

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Food Shopping

A good place to start is cutting down or saving money on what you eat and drink at home. Little adjustments here and there could prove highly beneficial to your budget. To begin with, look into cheaper places where you can shop. Alcohol can be expensive too so reduce the amount you buy of this and try to cut down on other luxuries. Also, sometimes keeping clear of branded items can be cost-effective as well as appetising.

Food Shopping


This is maybe not exactly ideal, but second-hand clothes might be something to think about in terms of succeeding in budgeting. Clothes can be a costly purchase and the expense can mount up over time. And while it may not cross our minds, clothes from charity shops or possibly other places online might just be the thing to help you save some cash.

Learning Resources

For some courses at Selly Oak, you will need to buy books and other supplies. With that in mind, you could take the time to search online for things that will be of use that are pre-used. As long as the condition is satisfactory of course, this could be a really good way of saving money on learning resources.

Going Out

Whatever you like to do when it comes to going for a night out, there’s no denying that it puts more than a bit of a strain on the finances of the student. So, if saving money is your aim, the sensible thing to do is to do less of it. Staggering the amount you go out, finding places that do not cost as much and doing more at home, could all be good ideas to help you do better with your budgeting.

Food Shopping


A simple and obvious tip maybe, making lunches to take with you to uni’ or wherever else you are going on a particular day does help cut costs. The reason? Because it stops you from buying your lunch when you’re out, which could encompass anything from a bag full of Greggs to a Maccies or a foot long and cookies from Subway. Tasty of course. But not good on the bank balance or health.

Takeaways and Restaurants

Similarly, eating food from takeaways is also detrimental to your finances and makes it difficult to stay in good shape. Apart from the tempting taste of take-away food, it’s also a quick and convenient choice when you have nothing else planned for your evening meal. What isn’t great though is how hard this hits your wallet. It makes more sense to simply plan meals, rely on shops and supermarkets and reduce the number of trips you make to the local pizza place.


The money we spend on things to make our time more fun and leisurely such as games tend to be quite burdensome on our budgets. There are, however, places such as CEX and Game where second-hand games can be bought. If you know you are likely to be spending a lot on items of this nature, maybe now’s the time to reconsider your approach and make a few savings here and there.

Food Shopping


One expense that all of us are affected by and is pretty hard to avoid is travel costs. If you are looking for that final little touch to enhance your financial situation, then cutting back on travel could do the job. Simply ask yourself if there are any times when you could be walking instead of taking the bus, train, car or taxi. Or maybe see if a bike is more cost-effective.

Selling Stuff

Another straightforward thing to boost the bank balance that you might have overlooked is selling items you do not want or need anymore. The great thing about trying this is that there are several ways to facilitate this and make you some money: Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Shpock, the list goes on.


Students and discounts have been synonymous with each other for some time, but there might be more money-saving opportunities for students out there now than you realise and they could all be of benefit to you and keeping to your budget. Alongside this, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open for special deals in shops in the supermarket which could help keep costs down also. Just be sure to not misplace your student card!

Food Shopping

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