6 Games to Play Online with Your Friends During Lockdown

With lockdown still in place, many of us have run out of Netflix shows to binge-watch and simply cannot take any more social media. Rather than staring at your ceiling or watching Breaking Bad for the 900th time, organising a game night with your friends could be a welcome distraction, and may make some nice memories. There are plenty of options for online games to play with your friends, so even if you have an archaic laptop or just your mobile phone, you should find something that you can enjoy. While there are plenty of well-known options, below we have listed 6 games that can give you a little variety and choice.

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Tabletop Simulator

Enjoy playing board games? Look no further than Tabletop Simulator (available on Steam for £14.99), with which you can play almost any board game virtually with your friends. While the interface does take a little getting used to, once you have got a handle on the controls you can play all your favourites or try something new. Some of our favourites include Clank, Splendor, Settlers of Catan and Dominion. And yes, for any Monopoly fans out there you can also play that.

You can purchase Tabletop Simulator here.


Unfortunately, it's a little hard to go exploring the world at the moment. However, GeoGuessr (compete with friends from £1.99/month) gives you a great way to explore the world with your friends while also testing your worldly knowledge. Here is how it works: you will be placed somewhere in the world in Google Street View and using whatever information you can gather from your surroundings you will have to guess where you are in the world. You will get more points the closer your guess is, so using all your geographical acumen will get you the most points.

Explore the world here.

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Codenames is a game that will help you find out whether you are on the same wavelength as your friends. This team game has a player from each team act as a spymaster, who is trying to send a message to their spy team members and to do this they will need to know the special codename. The spymaster will give a word clue that relates to several words on a board, and the spies will need to guess the correct word. As an example, if the board contains "cat" and "dog" for the blue team, the spymaster could say "animal", however if the board also contains the word "bird" for the red team, the spymaster might need to think of a more specific word to link them.

Guess the codename here.


Drawing is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all, especially when you need to guess what that person is trying to draw. Pictionary is a classic example of this type of game, but Skribble takes this idea online, allowing you to draw online with your friends while also tracking scores. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a sock.

Find out how bad you and your friends are at drawing here.

Random Trivia Generator

While we may not be able to head down to the pub and get a pint, what we can do is enjoy a pub quiz night online using apps such as Random Trivia Generator. Get your friends together in a video call, assign teams and a quiz master, and start quizzing. There are plenty of categories to choose from, and you can even set the number of rounds and questions. Once lockdown ends and pubs reopen you and your friends can show off your quiz practice.

Enjoy an online pub quiz here.

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Hands up, who's watched The Queen's Gambit? Chess has become a fad due to the popularity of this Netflix show, so what better time to test your tactics against your friends in this highly strategic game. Chess.com gives you a great platform to increase your skill with opening training and game analysis. It also offers a 4-player mode if you're looking for a chaotic experience with some of your friends.

Checkmate your friends here.

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