University Checklist: 6 Things to Bring with You in The Fall

Whether it’s your first, second or third year, preparing to go back to university can seem overwhelming, particularly when you are trying to get things ready for the big move. It can be so easy to forget some of the important bits and bobs that would be so helpful to have with you at university. Here is a list of some things you may have not thought of!

1. Bedding and Sheets

Yes, although this seems obvious to some, many students forget to bring bedding! Although you can buy it when you arrive at university, it’s worth noting that you will need to wash and dry your new bedding, and if you run out of time on move-in day, you could be stuck without any covers or pillows for your first few nights! Bringing your bedding from home will also save you money that you can spend in other areas, like food or entertainment. We suggest you bring a few pillows, mattress cover, sheets, duvet and some throws to keep you cosy in the winter!

Bedding and Sheets

2. Extension Leads

Unihousing student accommodation has plenty of sockets placed throughout each property, but not all accommodation will be the same. And depending on how many devices you will have running at one time, bringing an extension lead or two will ensure you never run out of sockets for your chargers, hair dryer, laptop or game consoles.

Extension Leads

3. Earplugs & Headphones

You cannot control who your neighbours are, and how much noise they make, so bringing earplugs and headphones is a really great idea! Although Unihousing takes noise complaints very seriously, having something to drown out any extra noise throughout the day will always be beneficial. As all students have different schedules, it can be tricky finding peace and quiet when you are ready to sit down and study. Earplugs and headphones can be a huge game changer for your study and rest times!

Earplugs & Headphones

4. Electric Fan

If we have learned anything from these last few months, it is that fans are needed throughout the summer! As the UK tends to have fairly sporadic days that are hot, already having a fan is extremely helpful for those days when the heat can be unbearable. It’s also worth noting that the price of fans will likely go up if you are looking to purchase amid a heat wave, and you may even struggle to find any at all. Getting one in advance will be a massive help come spring and summertime!

Electric Fan

5. The Three S’s: Scissors, Sellotape and Stationery

Once again, as obvious as this might seem now, when students are actually packing up and getting ready to leave, things like stationary, tape and scissors can easily be missed. Yes, you can buy things when you move in, but once again, finding the time could prove a bit difficult. It will also be a waste of money to buy all new things when you could just bring them from home. Having these items will always be useful both in your accommodation and for your university course too!

Scissors, Sellotape and Stationery

6. Clothing Hangers

Clothes hangers are easily forgotten about until you show up on move-in day and find you have no place to put your clothes! By bringing hangers from home or finding inexpensive ones before moving in, you will be able to unpack and get settled in much easier.

Clothing Hangers

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