How Unihousing Can Help With Rising Living Costs for Students

Across the UK, the cost of living is steadily increasing. Rising rental prices, energy-cost inflation, and everyday goods increasing in price are causing difficulty for most households. Students going to university this year will also be feeling the pinch of this cost-of-living crisis, as they struggle to make ends meet with a limited student budget.

Unihousing Is Here to Help

With further inflation expected over the coming months, students should be thinking about ways they can save money. Changing their spending habits, reducing takeaways, and limiting how often they go for nights out will all help, but Unihousing provides another way to help students save money while at university.

Students living in private rented accommodation that have to pay utility bills will see the worst of the coming rise in energy costs. However, students living in Unihousing's student studio accommodation will be spared the worst, as all utility bills are included in the rent.

Reading Under the Covers

Studies have shown that when the additional costs of Wi-Fi, insurance and utility bills are included in the rent, this turns out to be a more cost-effective option than renting privately. And if you don't have fixed energy prices, the savings will only improve.

You also receive other benefits from renting accommodation which include utility bills in the rent. Over the winter months, you'll be able to turn on the heating and use appliances, without worrying about the cost of doing so. Students who are paying for utilities themselves are facing an uncomfortable winter where they will need to either absorb the extra costs or invest in more blankets and warmer clothing.

Saving Money

There are other benefits and amenities you'll receive by living in one of Unihousing's student studios, making the experience that much more cost-effective. All of our accommodation is located just a short walk away from the University of Birmingham, meaning you can avoid paying for public transport. You'll also find them fully furnished and fitted, so you can move in and not have to worry about finding furniture or appliances.

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Unihousing is a student accommodation provider near the University of Birmingham, operating since 1984. All of our accommodation in Selly Oak is owned by us, so we can respond quickly to any requests using our qualified team of tradesmen. Our property office is located on Bristol Road, only a short walk away from all of our accommodation. This means we can deal directly with our tenants.

Unihousing was selected as the Number 1 Student Letting Agent in Birmingham by the UK's biggest fresher community, Unifresher.

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