Finding Your Student Accommodation and Making it Feel Like Home

Moving into student accommodation can feel like a very big step, but we are here to help. Whether you are looking for solo living or a shared space, Unihousing can help you find your ideal property. Solo living provides you with a quiet and independent lifestyle, whereas living in shared accommodation benefits those who are wanting a more social student experience.

Regardless of what type of accommodation you choose, after you have moved into your space, it could feel a bit different than what you are used to at home. Although it might seem strange at first, having your own space means that you can make it feel like home.

Make Your Desk Space Feel Unique

One of the first changes you can make is to decorate and organise your desk space. As you will likely be spending a bit of time revising and doing your coursework in your room, making your desk area feel personable will make a massive difference. Having a space that you feel excited about will help your brain get motivated, particularly on the days when you might be struggling. And don’t forget to think about the organisational side of it too! Keeping your space nice and tidy will also help you focus solely on your studies.

Desk space

Add Fun Lighting

Although it might seem silly to some, having mood lighting in your space can make it feel cosier and more relaxed. It can be difficult to switch off after lectures or your study times, and mood lighting will definitely help you switch off and feel more chilled. It is so simple, yet so effective! Fairy lights can be easily draped around your room without causing any damage, you could even attach pictures and other memories too.

Mood lighting

Fill Your Shelves

All of our student accommodation comes with storage for every student. An easy way to make your space feel more personalised is by customising the shelves and making them feel unique and fun. Whether you add your favourite books, some plants, or a few practical things, giving some thought to your shelves will not only keep your space organised, but it will also make the space feel special to you.

Decorating your shelves

Spend Some Time Organising Your Things

Having a tidy space not only helps you keep everything clean, but it will also boost your mental health. When clutter is lying around everywhere it will likely make it harder for your brain to concentrate on your studies, or even switch off when you are trying to relax. By organising your space sooner rather than later, you are more likely to have a clearer, happier mind.

Organising your space

Plan Out Your Semester, and Write Things Down

Another way to keep your brain feeling more motivated is to write everything down relating to your coursework. Whether you buy a planner, or ever get a whiteboard to write on, having all of your important dates, objectives and lecture times out in front of you will help you stay on top of things. With all of your necessary information out of your brain an onto paper, your mind will be free to focus on other things like hobbies and friends.

Plan your coursework

As a final touch, try adding décor. Whether you have brought trinkets from home, or you go out to Poundland and pick up some home accessories for cheap, personalising your space will help you feel more at ease. Having a space that you like the look of will also mean that you enjoy being in it, which will make relaxing and studying so much easier to do! Adding plants will also help the space feel more alive and fresher. Even faux plants are a great option if you are worried about keeping real plants alive.

Personalise your space

Find Your Ideal Student Accommodation with Unihousing

Unihousing is a student accommodation provider near the University of Birmingham, operating since 1984. All of our accommodation in Selly Oak is owned by us, so we can respond quickly to any requests using our qualified team of tradesmen. Our property office is located on Bristol Road, only a short walk away from all of our accommodation. This means we can deal directly with our tenants.

Unhousing was selected as the Number 1 Student Letting Agent in Birmingham by the UK's biggest fresher community, Unifresher.

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