Reasons Why Shared Housing Might Be for You

Unsure if you want to live alone or with friends this year? Here are some reasons why shared housing can be beneficial for you.

Living With Your Friends

Living with friends full-time is a new experience, and though may seem daunting to some, it can strengthen friendships more than you thought was possible. Friends are always there for each other, so living with them means you can always support each other when times are hard. This will be a big reassurance for most. Hard times are unexpected but are much easier to move on when you have others to help.

Self Care

More Money to Spend on Fun!

Living with friends has huge benefits to savings since the cost of utilities, rent and food is split: this means that you and your friends have more money to spend on entertainment such as nights out or more takeaways!


Rent Cost is Less When Sharing With Friends

Living with friends also comes with a huge benefit that the rent paid per week will be much less as the cost of the whole house is split into the number of people there, that'll make saving money much easier for other things you may be planning on purchasing. Some of our shared housing comes at a low cost of £109pppw and with proximity, this means not all your savings will be spent on just living at university.


Group Studies Are Made Simpler When You Live Together

When you're living with your friends it makes organizing group studies so much easier and on top of that, sessions can last as long as you like since there will be no need to meet up at the library as often or have to study at specific times due to library opening and closing times. Studying with friends can be very beneficial since you can teach each other topics you may find difficult and you can keep each other focused in your study environment.


Looking for Student Accommodation? Unihousing Can Help!

At Unihousing we have shared accommodations for everyone, from small friend groups to big friend groups and everything in between, there's housing for you and your friends this 2023. with our housing being just a walk away from the university it means you and your friends don't have to worry about getting up too early or coming home too late to do anything after uni.

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