Why You Should Rent a Unihousing Ensuite Studio

Choosing one of our ensuite studios not only gives you privacy but comfort and ambience too, making it an ideal home away from home. Whether you are a fresher starting your university journey or a continuing student, you’ve likely experienced sharing accommodation at some point.

For some, shared housing could be a great fit, but for many others, having a private space that offers more independence could be the ideal living situation.

Our Unihousing ensuite studios come fully furnished, with all the amenities a student could need! You will have your own private bedroom, study table, flatscreen TV and private bath or shower room too. The only spaces you will need to share are the kitchen/dining area and the communal lounge. Still unsure? Check out our list below to see why you should choose one of our ensuite studios!


Having your own private bathroom comes with the freedom of only having to clean up after yourself rather than dealing with cleaning up after other people. As you will be the only person who uses the bathroom regularly, you might find that you won’t need to do as much cleaning anyway.

Ensuite room


Our ensuite properties offer you the convenience that everyone yearns for. You have access to your bathroom at all times without worrying about having to wait for someone else to finish using it. As the bathroom is in close proximity to your room, you will also be able to avoid the long journeys down the hallway in your dressing gown.

Laying in a Bath tub

Budget Friendly

As a student, sticking to a budget and saving money is crucial. Our Ensuite properties provide you with the best competitive rates available on the market and give you value for your money. These properties are designed with students in mind and consist of all of the essentials you will need during your time at university.

Money Notes

Personal Space

As a student, we know that finding personal space can be a rare occurrence, which then brings us to the value of your personal space in your accommodation. Having your own private bedroom and bathroom means you can establish your space with your bedding, décor, toiletries, towels, etc, which will be used only by you. An ensuite studio property also provides you with the space and quiet to be able to do your revising and any other activities in peace.

House space

A Mix and Match Of Privacy and Community

Our ensuite studio properties are ideal for those who want the social and financial benefits of shared accommodation with the privacy of their own bathroom. You can meet people in the communal living room for a move of some games, or have a catch-up while you are cooking in the kitchen. This way you will have the opportunity to socialise, whilst also having your own private to escape to.

Having a drink with friends

Proximity To University and Other Social Amenities

Our properties are all located in Selly Oak, an area commonly known as the student village, and are within walking distance of the University of Birmingham. There are also multiple transport links such as the Selly Oak Train Station and various bus routes along the A38. Selly Oak is also conveniently central to various bars, restaurants, shops and retail. This means you will always be on time for your lectures and will never miss a party or a movie at the cinema.

Walking to University

Fully Furnished

Our ensuite studios come fully furnished which includes a double bed, storage, study desk with chair and a shared kitchen area with quality appliances and low-noise white goods. There is also a large communal laundry area, meaning you can avoid the laundrette.

Furnished Room

Bills Are Included in the Price of Rent

This modern property has utility bills and broadband included in the price of rent. Many of our ensuite properties also have private parking, round-the-clock security, CCTV and an experienced team to attend to your maintenance needs quickly and efficiently.


Looking for Student Accommodation? Unihousing Can Help!

Here at Unihousing, we have some of the best properties all around Selly Oak with varying prices and sizes depending on whether you want solo or shared living.

Unihousing is a student accommodation provider near the University of Birmingham, operating since 1984. All of our accommodation in Selly Oak is owned by us, so we can respond quickly to any requests using our qualified team of tradesmen. Our property office is located on Bristol Road, only a short walk away from all of our accommodation. This means we can deal directly with our tenants.

Unihousing was selected as the Number 1 Student Letting Agent in Birmingham by the UK's biggest fresher community, Unifresher.

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