10 Reasons To Use Unihousing

Check out our top 10 reasons to use Unihousing for your student accommodation.

Brilliant Location

One of the many advantages of living in a Selly Oak studio is the location and the convenience it provides. Our studios are all situated just a short distance from the University of Birmingham campus, giving you a shorter journey in the mornings and evenings. By being so closely linked to the university, you will have the opportunity to have a nice lie in and still get to your lectures on time in the morning quickly and easily.


Aside from being the ideal location for university, Selly Oak also offers excellent and affordable public transport. This provides students with quick and hassle-free travel to and from university, and also gives students easy access to Birmingham City Centre, Harborne, Bournville and other local popular areas. Our Selly Oak studios are all conveniently located near the train station and relevant bus stops, in order to give you a straightforward journey.

Peace and Quiet

One of the main perks of living in a studio is having a space of your own. Though housemates can contribute to a brilliant experience, it can also be extremely difficult to live with a group of people for the entirety of your stay at university. From managing various schedules, to sharing rooms and various spaces in the house, not having the constant freedom of your own space can be troublesome and add extra stress and anxiety to your student life. By renting a studio, you eliminate all of the difficulties that come with shared spaces, providing you with ultimate freedom which can then help you have a healthy lifestyle by better balancing your studies, your friends and your alone time. It can be overwhelming sharing your space with others who may not have the same standards of cleanliness or even similar schedules, wake up times, shower times, and dinner times, causing you extra stress. Having a space that is totally your own can improve your mental health and help you to organise your schedule effectively, giving you more time to enjoy your day-to-day life.


All our Unihousing studios are furnished to a high standard in order to accommodate the modern-day student lifestyle. As you look through the list of studios available, you will notice they have a lot to offer and can be expected to include newly fitted kitchens, smart TV's, high standard shower rooms and double glazing, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable way of life during your time at university. It is very important to have a living space that gives you comfort and all the amenities you will need, with our studios we aim to provide you with this exact living experience.


Letting Agents to Rely On

One of the main benefits of Unihousing is the fact that we own all our own properties, allowing us to respond quickly and directly to tenants; their needs, requests and queries. We take great pride in caring for tenants and our agents work hard to consistently ensure impressive standards while being highly adept at providing student accommodation that meets the needs of the various tenants. In order to be easily accessible, the Unihousing office is located right in Selly Oak, being merely minutes away from our student properties. This means that the Selly Oak studios are brilliantly located to suit the needs of students in the Birmingham area and give them easy access to Unihousing.

The Surrounding Area

Selly Oak not only has an extremely vibrant student day and night life, but it is also well provided with parks, gardens and sports facilities for recreation, as well as bars, restaurants and pubs for evening entertainment. There are plenty of places to spend time with friends and meet other students. Additionally, you will also find all kinds of supermarkets and shops in the area, giving you a wide range of options for all your grocery and shopping needs. The food scene is extensive as well, consisting of several varied restaurants, pubs and takeaways depending on your wants and needs. All these and more you will find within easy walking distance of your studio home.

Student Studio

Selly Oak is also well equipped in travel options and public transport. Since it is placed in such a central area, it is in close proximity not only to the city centre, but is also close to Kings Heath, Moseley, Bournville and Harborne; all places filled to the brim with culture, amazing food and even live music. These areas offer an array of places and activities to keep you occupied, so make sure you go explore!

Following this, Birmingham City Centre has an extensive list of activities and experiences like Ghetto Golf, various escape rooms and canal boat rides, places to visit and culinary hotspots. You will find a brilliant collection of shops, bars, restaurants and clubs, as well as cinemas and theatres, all sure to provide you with the kind of entertainment you want on days or nights out with your friends. Additionally, there are many varied museums that explore the city of Birmingham, its culture, history and apply to varied interests.

Cost and Bills

In order to provide our tenants with reasonable prices, most of our studios are inclusive of utility bills and internet, with some even including a TV supplied at no further cost. We strive to have studios that are available to prospective tenants at reasonable prices, which should be very comforting news for students who are limited in terms of what they can and cannot spend.

Cost and Bills

Easy Lifestyle

One of the most appealing benefits of living in a studio is the opportunity to have a more straightforward lifestyle. Everything in a studio is of a high standard, and with exception of the toilet, everything is laid out around you, meaning you can easily manage and clean your space. This will give your head more space to relax and enjoy your daily life. Having your own space can actually provide you with more time to focus on university and even your friends and social life as a whole. If you are wanting to have an active, social student life in which you can freely be coming and going from your accommodation on a frequent basis, one of our studios would be the perfect place for you!


Unihousing's Selly Oak studios are attractively stylish, well maintained and frequently refurnished. We are keen to ensure that all our studios are well-presented, so as to allow our tenants to feel as comfortable as possible. This is also set out to help our tenants settle in quickly to their new home and make the most of their time as a student. Whether it's your first or last year of university, starting the school year can be very stressful and daunting, and we want to create an easy move in process, a relaxing environment and a helpful service to all of our tenants.

Student Studio


During your stay with us, any problems that may arise in your accommodation will be responded to swiftly and thoroughly by the Unihousing staff. This is another of our key priorities for our tenants, to ensure high quality of service. Unihousing have their own team of qualified tradesmen who can carry out work that needs to be done on your property, giving you peace of mind and convenience.


Finally, whether you want to head out to a pub or a club or are in the mood to get a really tasty meal at one of the various restaurants there, Selly Oak is the place to be. With a number of Unihousing's Selly Oak studios not far from the heart of this area's vibrant nightlife, reaching the places you want to go to is easy and affordable. After countless hours of hard work at university, having a night out with friends and socialising for fun and relaxation, is easily achievable when you choose a studio in Selly Oak.

Up To You

Making a decision about where to live during your time at university can be strenuous and frustrating. There are, of course, several things to think about. Unihousing have spent many years specialising in student housing and perfecting how they cater for their student tenants, in order to provide the ideal service.

Choosing a Selly Oak studio with Unihousing may be the best decision you make, when it comes to deciding where exactly and how you want to live, as you make your way through your university experience.

So why not get in touch with Unihousing and see what we can do for you