5 Steps Towards a Top Birmingham Student Living Experience

Getting the best out of your student living experience is not wholly dependent on the accommodation you end up living in, and in many ways, it is influenced by how you approach the situation on a personal level. Bringing together some of the factors that revolve around the accommodation, its location, your lifestyle and your mindset as a student, this blog gives you five steps to help you achieve a better student living experience.

1. Your Accommodation

The ideal way to start when it comes to venturing out on your new student living experience is to focus on what your requirements are for your accommodation. To do this you could make a tick list of things you are looking for. This could be a list of things you want or expect from the student housing properties you are considering and the letting agency you may end up renting the property from, and it could include what you want the surrounding area of the accommodation to encompass as well. As you tick off the items on your list you will be able to see what each property has to offer and depending on what each accommodation offers, you can adjust your accommodation search as you go.

The Student Living Experience

2. The Viewing

This second step blends nicely into the first one, as the criteria you have for student accommodation can help you prepare for the viewing. Property viewings are an important part of the student living experience as they give you the chance to look around the student accommodation and see if it is satisfactory. More than it simply being satisfactory though you will need to feel as though it is somewhere that you would be happy living in. You can check how much space there is, see what condition the rooms are in and ask any questions you may have.

3. The Local Area

Another key part of planning where to live and therefore take a much-needed step towards a great student living experience is exploring the location of the student property. By doing this you can ascertain whether or not the area has the amenities that you need such as shops and supermarkets, and whether or not it has the places to go to for food or drink or somewhere to escape for a little while. Familiarising yourself with the local area continues once you have moved in, and this is where you can start to feel comfortable in the location of your new student home. Getting comfortable with where you live can also involve the areas that are easily accessible from your immediate location, reachable by train or bus for example. It’s a great opportunity to build friendships and have some laughs too.

4. Stay Active

To get the most out of your student living experience, you should make an effort to remain active. For Selly Oak students, keeping active should not be too difficult given the number of green spaces that are placed within or close to the area. Heading off to the parks on regular basis could be a brilliant way for you to let off some steam as well as stay in shape. Fitness is really good for mental health too, and by taking the opportunity to play some sports at a nearby park, you could also build up a great social life. Although some people may think that keeping fit outdoors means a lot of strenuous activity, in truth, exercise doesn’t have to be heavy and exhausting, and pushing yourself too hard too early can hurt the body.


5. Personal Goals

Lastly, it should be pointed out that getting the most out of your student experience overall is to try and have something specific to aim for. Giving yourself a personal goal or target will not only give you a sense of purpose, but it will also help you to organise and coordinate what you do, which should increase your chances of being successful. Your goal or goals do not have to be academic, but they should be something you believe in. It’s of course essential that you aim to achieve in your university course as well and build friendships, but having your own particular goals may give you extra focus and maybe an added personal boost to be truly successful.

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