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  • Students Are Having to Work Through the Summer to Pay for Tuition Fees
  • Students Worry More About Money Than Their Assignments Says BBC News
  • 'Ethical' Use of AI To Be Incorporated into Teaching and Assessment, Top Universities Say

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News around the area of the UK and topical to students.


Students Are Having to Work Through the Summer to Pay for Tuition Fees

A survey from a specialist student loan lender, Future Finance, found that 24% of students feel forced to work simply to make ends meet and “pay for everyday living expenses". A further 17 per cent have been working this summer to cover next year’s living expenses.

Here at Unihousing, most of our properties have utilities and internet included, meaning no matter the cost increase elsewhere, your rent will stay the same during your time with us.

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Students Worry More About Money Than Their Assignments, Says BBC News

According to student Zineb Bouita, this has been her hardest year. Zineb is being forced to stay in bed to reduce heating bills and is choosing an early night over her evening meal.

Speaking to another student, Liana, she explains she is having to work while studying full-time and fears that taking extra shifts is impacting her grades.

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'Ethical' Use Of AI To Be Incorporated into Teaching and Assessment, Top Universities Say

There has been some concern at the use of artificial intelligence in education settings, with one exam board suggesting students should have to complete assignments under the supervision of teachers, to combat them using AI to cheat.

A set of principles that will help universities take advantage of AI has been published by The Russell Group - which includes institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and Durham.

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Tips For Students

Tips and tricks to improve your time at university.

Look For A Study Group

Having group discussions and study groups with people who are doing the same course as you is a great way to learn, stay motivated, and understand any confusing concepts that you might have encountered. You also are presented with an opportunity of meeting new people with similar interests. Read More

Study Group

Create Time To Do Things You Love

Although studying is extremely important, you also need to set aside time for your social side. Meet up with friends, go out for a movie, have some drinks, or anything else you enjoy. Additionally, this also improves your mental well-being. Read More

Things You Love

Set Aside a Study Space.

The human mind works in patterns and sequences. There are spaces where you feel more relaxed and ready to take on new ideas; and spaces where you struggle to concentrate. It’s important to try and find a space that you feel helps you maximize your productivity. Read More

Study Space

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