Choosing Unihousing Student Accommodation Instead of Halls

During your time at University, it’s important for you to find good accommodation that suits your needs and your lifestyle. Although student halls are a very popular option for new students, there are some drawbacks.

Student Home

Many students tend to live in halls to have more of the ‘student experience’ of meeting people, going on nights out and having independence. Whilst this can sometimes be true, students can still have this experience when they are living in a student house, studio or flat.

Solo Accommodation

Every person’s needs and preferences will be different, and for some, solo living could be a far more preferable option. Unihousing’s student studios in Selly Oak come fully furnished and offer the independence and privacy that students seek, whilst also providing complete control of your personal space and schedule. Having a private ensuite shower or bathroom and a large living area all to yourself can be a massive help to your studies and your mental health.

Homely Accommodation

Shared Accommodation: Choosing Who to Live With

One of the tricky parts of student halls is that you do not get to choose who you live with. This can become a problem for students who end up living with housemates that do not clean up after themselves, are loud and disruptive, or have constant parties in the apartment.

Choosing to rent shared accommodation with Unihousing gives you the chance to live with friends or people you already know and save money. Our student houses offer a great balance of communal areas whilst also providing tenants with a private room with all of the necessities. Not to mention that student houses tend to be cheaper and you can easily save more money on bills, meals, groceries and cleaning supplies by sharing these expenses with your housemates.

If you would like to share with only one person, you could also think about renting one of our twodios, which consist of two studios joined together with a shared kitchen. This way you will have some of the community element, whilst also having your own independence and personal space.

Homely Accommodation

Longer Tenancy Agreements

Another bonus with renting student accommodation over student halls is the length of contract you can have. Student houses and studios will frequently offer a longer tenancy term and will also run through the summer and holidays. By renting student accommodation with Unihousing, you will likely have more freedom to stay longer if needed, and even opt to stay in the same accommodation for the next year or two.

Homely Accommodation

Unihousing is a Landlord and Accommodation Provider near The University of Birmingham since 1984

Unihousing owns all of their accommodation to let in Selly Oak, and don't use agents. By owning the properties, and maintaining them using our team of qualified tradesmen, we aim to provide a better service to our tenants. We deal directly with our tenants via our dedicated property office that is located in the student village of Selly Oak, conveniently situated close to our student properties.

Unihousing was selected as the Number 1 Student Letting Agent in Birmingham by the UK's biggest fresher community, Unifresher.

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