Finding Student Accommodation and Choosing Who to Live With

As the final semester comes to a close, most students will likely already be searching for student accommodation for the new academic year. Figuring out what type of student property you want, and whether you want housemates is an essential first step. Everyone's needs and preferences will be different, and it's good to start figuring this out sooner rather than later.


Shared or Solo Living

This is a very important question to be asking yourself, whether you want to live alone, or with other housemates. There are benefits to both options and depending on your budget, preferences and needs, you might favour one over the other.

Studios and Flats
Studio living has become very popular among students, as it offers independence and routine. A single bedroom flat/studio also provides a level of privacy and freedom that some students crave. Our modern student Selly Oak studios are designed with students and student life in mind, with a desk/revising space, ensuite bathroom with fitted shower room, open plan living area, smart TV, 100Mb broadband and a private food prep area.


In short, you have a good space all to yourself and you don't really have to see or interact with many other people. Though this would be a huge benefit to some students, others could find the privacy a bit isolating. If you are someone who likes being social and interacting with other people regularly, living in a solo studio could prove to be quite challenging and draining.

All of Unihousing's student studios are fully furnished and also have the price of utility bills included in the monthly rent, which means that you will have much less admin when you move in. A shared house will have heating included in the price, but all other utilities will need to be set up by the tenant (subject to the property). Though some students might not mind the admin, others could find the idea of bills very stressful and would benefit from a studio arrangement.

Shared Houses and Twodios
For students who are seeking a more social student experience, a shared house or twodio space could be a good fit. After your first year, you will likely start getting an idea of who you would like to house share with. This is a very important decision, as you want to ensure your housemates have similar standards of cleanliness and social lifestyle to you.

Shared House

Sometimes, students will decide to live with friends who have very different lifestyles and expectations, which tends to be what causes friction in the living situation. The best way to eliminate this is to have open communication with your friends and decide together whether you would enjoy living together. Open communication in general is a big part of shared living.

All of our student houses are fully equipped with student necessities, including a desk in each bedroom, a fully fitted kitchen, cosy lounge/dining area, smart TV and a modern fitted bathroom. With the privacy of your own bedroom and the social connection with communal areas, living in a shared house has a good work/play balance.

If you are looking to share a space with only 1 other person, a two-bed studio could also be a good fit. Twodio spaces contain a separate studio for each student comprising of an ensuite bathroom, food prep area, double bed, TV, and a desk area, but have a shared kitchen between the two rooms. This way you can still cook together and spend time with each other, whilst also having more privacy when you need it.

Deciding on Your Budget

Your budget is probably one of the biggest deciding factors for your student accommodation. For this reason, it's crucial that you figure out how much you can afford before you even start property viewings. Although having your own open plan living space can be a desired option for some students, student studios tend to be more expensive than a shared house.

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Larger studios will likely cost upwards of £650 per month, whether as a shared house will usually cost around £470 per month. But, if you are wanting the privacy of a studio, you could decide to have a smaller studio, which is cheaper and more affordable. Additionally, when you are living with other tenants, you can decide to share the cost of groceries and cleaning products, which will save you money in the long run.

Finding a Reliable Lettings Agent

As a student, you want to be extra cautious when looking at accommodation, to ensure that you aren't being taken advantage of and paying more than you should be. Don't settle for agents who want massive deposits and rent upfront and don't be afraid to be vocal about your wants and needs. When you do start having property viewings, don't be pressured into making any final decisions on the spot and instead take your time.

Unihousing is one of the top student lettings agents in Selly Oak Birmingham and has several years of experience providing students with high standard accommodation. Our properties have been created with students in mind, and are conveniently located in the student village of Selly Oak, down the road from the University of Birmingham and close to the City Centre. Not only will you have good quality accommodation, but you will also be surrounded by all of the necessary amenities, shops and foot hotspots you could need.

To find out more about the properties we offer contact our team today! and register your interest.