International Student Tips for Adjusting to University Life in the UK – Part One

It does not matter how near or far away home is for you, as an international student, adjusting to UK university life could take some time...

It does not matter how near or far away home is for you, as an international student, adjusting to UK university life could take some time. Although it is a very exciting new journey you are embarking on, there could be some challenges headed your way too, simply because you are in a new country, with a new culture and a new phase in life. Adjusting time varies from person to person, so don’t be worried if you are finding the transition more difficult. Below we have put together some useful tips to help you make the most of your experience and navigate the transition smoothly.

Prepping Before Arrival

It is always good to research your university and the city/town it's located in beforehand. Familiarize yourself with the campus layout and nearby amenities. This will come in handy when you eventually get to the university, as you will have an idea of where you are going and what the area is like. Preparation will also help you understand the local weather which will guide you in packing appropriate clothing.



Your university accommodation is going to be your home away from home, so you will need to have it sorted ahead of time before making your travel arrangements. There are a number of options available to you, ranging from university halls, private rentals, and homestays. At Unihousing, we have a wide range of accommodation options available to you, both for solo living, and shared housing. Check out our website to register your interest.


Orientation Week

Attend the university's orientation events. These events are a great opportunity to meet fellow students and get acquainted with campus facilities and resources. From here you will also find a lot of helpful information about freshers’ week.

Raise a Glass

Cultural Adjustment

Keeping an open mind as much as possible will be a great help to you. Be open to new experiences and customs, some of which might be very different from what you are used to. The UK has a diverse culture, and embracing it will enrich your university and general experience. Engage with both local and other international students, as this can help you learn about British culture and share your own.

Jogging in the park

Academic Transition

Spend time learning about the UK education system, as it will likely differ from your home country. During the academic year, you will be required to attend your lectures, planned seminars, and tutorials regularly. Active participation will help you engage with the course material and your peers, whilst also giving you a better understanding of how everything pieces together.


Time Management

This is a positive habit that will help you stay on top of things in many ways during your time at university. Develop effective time management skills to balance academic commitments, social activities, and personal time. You can make use of digital tools or planners to keep track of assignments, exams, and deadlines.

Nightclub with friends

In a new country as an international student, you might feel homesick, overwhelmed or even lonely at times. The best thing to do is to try and stay as positive as you can and fill your time with new experiences, adventures and time spent with new friends. Look out for opportunities to enjoy yourself, and meet new people.

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