Make The Most Out of Your Summer Break-Part Two

Congratulations on making it to summer break! It must feel like you've reached the end of a marathon, with just a little more effort needed to cross the finish line.

After the stress and pressure of exams and long essays, you may feel like you only have enough energy to get through the day. But don't worry, you're almost there! Every completed semester brings you closer to the finish line, and that's great motivation to keep going. You may have a lot of considerations about how to spend these few weeks; or where to start. Here's how you can make the most out of your summer break.

Catch Up on Reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” If you’re a book enthusiast, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the books you’ve always wanted to read but didn't have the time. Reading is good for your brain: both in knowledge accumulation and vocabulary building, as well as developing your imaginative side.

Reading a Book

Go Travelling

(Provided you can afford it) travelling is a great way to spend the summer. You will be able to see new places, meet new people, have good weather, and a change of scenery will give you a breath of freshness away from your university routine. This does not have to be high-end travel; something as simple as travelling to see friends across the country or visiting your distant relatives could be on the table if a full-on holiday is too costly. The idea is to get out and experience a new environment and take in your newly found surroundings. Whether for a weekend, a week, or a fortnight, once you get into your first job, the freedom of such action might be limited. When is a better time to get out and travel than now?

Pointing at a map

Read Up on Your Course Material

During your downtime in the summer, it is ideal to have a peep into your next semester’s course material. Doing this will give you a head start and help with what’s coming your way. Knowing this information will provide ample time to prepare before the upcoming semester. Remember to take it easy and get your well-deserved rest.

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