Prepping For Exam Season: What You Can Do To Succeed

With exam season continuously looming, students must figure out how they can come out on top of their studies. What strategies have and haven’t worked in the past? Below we have listed some of our tips to help students revise and get ready for deadlines, assignments and exams.

Get Started on an Outline, Sooner Rather Than Later

Regardless of your course, creating an outline of your assignments and exams will massively help you when you are revising. Although some may find outlines a bit tedious, they will be great in helping your brain stay on top of things. By doing this at the start of the term, you won’t have to then spend extra time figuring out what you need to be doing a few months down the line.

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Take Lots of Detailed Notes

Note-taking is a major skill, and the only way you will learn how to take notes effectively is to just keep doing it. When you’re in a lecture or even in a face-to-face meeting with your tutors, it can be extremely helpful to take notes. Jotting down the key bits and the bits that stand out to you will not only help you process the information as you are hearing it, but it will also help you stay organised about the topic at hand. If any questions arise in your head, write them down too, as this will help you when revising in the future.

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Be Sure to Follow the Module Criteria

When you are prepping and revising for exams, assignments etc, it’s crucial to follow the criteria from the start of the project to the end. Even little bits of criteria that have not been met will result in deductions of some kind, so it’s always a good idea to read the criteria word for word and ensure you have all met all of the expectations. Sometimes, this could mean really easy tweaks, where you simply have to change your wording. Other times, it can result in hours of new research and work. By keeping track of the criteria throughout your term, you are less likely to have unforeseen changes that you have to make closer to the deadline.

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Get In-depth Research

Although it might sound obvious, it’s really important to spend a good chunk of your time at the start of an assignment researching your topic and learning as much as you can. The more you know, the easier it will be to write and present your assignment to your tutors. If you only have limited knowledge about your topic, you are more likely to struggle with providing relevant and thought-provoking information. The more groundwork you put in at the start, the less work you will have to do throughout the project.

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