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  • Students Could Face Competition for University Places Amid Capacity Pressures.
  • Renters Face Record-Breaking Price Hikes Across the UK.
  • Student Finance: How Much Does University Cost and Does It Increase Earnings?

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News around the area of the UK and topical to students.


Students Could Face Competition For University Places Amid Capacity Pressures

Some top universities could limit placement numbers in selected subject areas due to infrastructure pressures, the president of UUK (Universities UK) suggests. Students seeking places at the most selective universities could face tougher competition for places on some courses this summer due to increasing difficulty with infrastructure.

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Renters Face Record-Breaking Price Hikes Across the UK

The average rent for a new tenancy in the UK has increased by 5.1% from the start of the year til June 2023 - that's the highest annual rise since January 2016.

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the situation is even worse for renters in Wales and Scotland, who faced rent increases of 6.7% and 6.2% respectively.

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Student Finance: How Much Does University Cost and Does It Increase Earnings?

Students starting university in England this year face significant changes to the way student loans work.

Coming alongside the cost-of-living crisis, some are wondering whether university makes financial sense.

They assume students pay the maximum fees in the nation where they already live, spend one year living in university halls and other years in private accommodation.

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Tips For Students

Tips and tricks to improve your time at university.

Tips On How to Manage Stress While At University

According to a survey by the Office for National Statistics, 37% of students at university reported depression and anxiety symptoms. Further findings show that a majority of students are suffering from academic burnout.

Make sure you find ways to manage stress that works for you.

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Understanding Your Way Around University in Birmingham

The overall standard of education in Birmingham is very high. It is known for having some of the highest-ranking universities in the QS World Rankings, Times Higher Education Ranking, and Academic Ranking of World Universities. Here is some information to better understand your university and your course. Read More

Birmingham University

Understand Your Tenancy Agreement

Understanding your contract is key in any contractual undertaking, and tenancy is no exception. Before you sign, read and understand your tenancy agreement with all the terms and conditions. Once you’ve signed, you are bound legally by the terms. When you understand these details, you are in a better position to know the procedure for how to get your deposit back. Read More

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