Six Pros and Cons of Student Living

Starting your university degree and moving into student housing can seem very exciting, yet daunting at the same time. For most students, it can take some time to properly settle in, and get accustomed to their new surroundings, schedule and workload.

Settling In to Student Life: What To Expect

The truth is, moving away and getting out on your own is an exciting new venture, but it’s also normal to feel slightly nervous as you enter in to a different environment. University is a brilliant place to figure out who you are, how you live and what truly interests you in life. But it’s important to note that it could take you a little while to properly land on your feet and feel fully settled. Below we have listed some of the pros and cons you might experience, during your time at University.

PRO: Your Course

Your university course is the central focus of the entire uni’ experience and naturally will play a big part in your lifestyle as a student. You may have a career goal in mind, and you may not. Either way, this is a great opportunity to learn and develop in so many ways, so it is wise to simply make the effort required and just enjoy it. The pressure and the workload can sometimes be tough to handle, but ultimately if you aim to get something enjoyable or rewarding or positive out of each stage of the course, you will surely finish your course feeling content.

University Course

CON: Mess

One thing that is sure to rear its ugly head during any student tenancy is the mess and dirt that other people leave behind. Different people have different takes on what messy is, but ultimately everyone needs to communicate and work together for a happy household. The best thing you can do is stay calm and rational. Make sure you politely point out the issue and work towards a reasonable solution with the people you're living with.

PRO: Meeting People

While it may seem cliché to some to emphasise how the student experience is a time for making great friendships, the truth is that this is one of the best opportunities to make friends. Even if those friendships do not last in the long run, you still have a brilliant chance as a student to have some great times with a whole load of new people and to make memories that will last.

Meeting New People

CON: Excessive Noise Levels

Excessive noise can be a problem in a shared house or when you live in a studio-style HMO property. Noise from another tenant is not only annoying but is especially problematic when you need to get to sleep. Broaching the subject of a housemate’s excessive noise could be done with a tactfully worded WhatsApp message, text or some other message, which may be easier if you already get on well with the person in question. It’s worth remembering that your landlord/lettings agent can be reached as well if you need help with resolving the matter.

PRO: Making Things Your Own

Although it may sound slightly obvious, student living presents you with a sense of freedom that you may not have had before. Yes, you are there to study and yes, there can be hindrances such as finances. But you will find a lot of time on your hands now and then, giving you some leeway to do things that you want to do when you want to do them. Sometimes just the smaller aspects of living independently, such as enjoying your own space and adding new things to your daily routine could be massively beneficial to your uni’ experience and you as a person overall.

Cozy Bedroom

CON: Problems With Your Accommodation

A big issue with student living that usually can’t be avoided is some form of wear and tear on your student home. If your property has a leak or other problem such as an infestation, it demands attention from the right people. Your first point of contact needs to be the lettings agency as they are the ones to alleviate the issue and should be contacted about problems of this nature anyway.

It is best to contact them as soon as possible and be persistent if you do not get the results you want, as soon as you want. Keep track of your correspondences with the agency and remain polite even if you find the whole situation somewhat frustrating at times.

Finding a Trustworthy Letting Agent

Based in Birmingham, Unihousing are a letting agency that has helped many students find their ideal accommodation. Whether it’s a student apartment, a house to share or a student studio you’re interested in, our university housing is ready for you. The spacious rooms, tasteful décor and immensely convenient furnishings make our Selly Oak accommodation a great choice for students, and the superb locations of our properties make life so much easier.

Letting Agent

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Why Choose Unihousing?

Unihousing is a landlord and accommodation provider near Birmingham University since 1984

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