Student Accommodation 2021: Finding a Good Fit

As the holidays roll in, it’s tempting for most of us to get into our relaxing mode and put everything else on hold. Though it’s important to have a nice period of chill time over the holidays, it’s also a good idea to get ahead of your accommodation sooner rather than later. By finalising your accommodation earlier, you will have more time to enjoy the holidays, without extra stress and worry weighing you down.

You can start by thinking about the type of student accommodation you are seeking. Are you and your friends wanting to share a house, or a twodio, or are you wanting to be independent through solo living? Depending on your wants and desires, Unihousing has a variety of high-quality accommodation options for you to choose from.

Student House

What Type of Accommodation Are You Looking For?

Unihousing offer different options depending on your budget and the amenities you seek. All of our student properties are closely located to the University of Birmingham, which makes going to University quick and easy.

All of our properties are located in the student village of Selly Oak, which is fully equipped to suit the student lifestyle. Including pubs, cafes, a shopping centre and various food shops, it has all that you could need during your stay.

  • Studios - Studios have become one of the most popular types of accommodation in Selly Oak. With the open-plan living area, private kitchens and ensuite bathrooms, our Unihousing studios provide independence and privacy and are perfect if you would like to have your own space. We provide all of the essentials a student would need, including a food prep area separate from the shared kitchen, a desk, flat-screen TV and 100Mb broadband.
  • Twodios - Similarly to studios, twodios are a brilliant option if you still desire a more independent lifestyle, but are happy to share with one other person. Commonly, this would mean you would be sharing a kitchen with an individual that you know and you can also save money on rent, bills and even food costs. Living in a twodio provides you with a good mix of privacy and community and is a good blend of living in a studio vs a shared house.
  • Shared House - For the students who are looking for more community, shared houses are a great option. Our student houses each have a fully fitted kitchen, modern bathroom and a large dining/lounge area for socialising. Many of our houses will also have a garden which is great to have in the spring, summer and fall. Every tenant will have their private well-sized bedroom with a double bed, wardrobe/storage and a desk area. Each house will also contain a smart TV and 100Mb broadband.

What is Your Budget?

This is a question you need to ask yourself very early on. Twodios and studios can be more expensive, but you get a private space all to yourself. You don’t have to worry about sharing your space with others and you can fully control the cleanliness of your space to your liking. Twodios can help to make the price slightly cheaper as you will be sharing the rent and can save money on shared meals if you choose to.

Budget Money

Shared housing is the most cost-effective type of accommodation. Depending on how many housemates you decide to share with, by splitting the rent 3-6 ways you can save a big chunk of money. Bills and food can also help to bring costs down, particularly if you and your housemates share the costs and take turns cooking meals.

Shared housing for some, is the best of both worlds. Though you do have shared communal spaces, you benefit from the community of spending time together and having friends over too. Additionally, you will have plenty of space in your private bedroom including a study area for the times when you need privacy.

Student Accommodation With Unihousing

When looking for accommodation, you must go with a landlord you can trust. Unihousing is one of the top-rated student landlord’s in Selly Oak, and we are here to help you find the right property for you. We have a brilliant cleaning and maintenance team to ensure your living experience with us is the best it can be.

With studio living, all of the large communal areas are cleaned by our wonderful team of cleaners. With studios and houses, we have an experienced maintenance team which are quick and efficient and will help fix any problems that could arise during your stay. If you would like to learn more about the properties we offer, browse our available student accommodation or contact our team today to arrange a viewing for 2021.

Don’t miss out on your choice of the best student accommodation, contact our friendly reception team today and they can help you find your ideal let in Selly Oak.