Student Tips That Will Help Boost Your Mental Health

Maintaining positive mental health can be challenging at times, particularly as we enter the winter months and have a cost-of-living crisis hanging over our heads. Nonetheless, there are ways that students can take extra care of themselves and their mental health. Have a look at our tips below to help keep your mind and body balanced over the coming months.


Although it may seem obvious to some, taking the time for self-care can massively boost your mood. At University your brain will be constantly switched on, and taking breaks and giving yourself time to mentally rest can be tricky. Self-care will look different to everyone, for some this could be having a nice bath or taking a longer shower.

For others, things like writing, drawing, reading or other hobbies could be the most helpful. You could also find a nice park or forest in the area, and take a walk in nature. Taking part in activities that interest you will also help revitalise your brain, soothe your anxiety and improve your mental well-being. Things like mindfulness and meditation also have extensive amounts of research showing how beneficial they are to your mental health.

Self Care


Another important aspect for you to introduce into your daily life is exercise. Any form and length of exercise will help your brain stay focused. When University coursework starts piling up, this can cause students to feel stressed and anxious, which can then make the daily tasks, course work and other activities feel impossible to complete.

Whether it’s taking a walk outside, going for a run, doing a workout at the gym, or even trying a home workout, exercise will help you stay motivated and focused, whilst also boosting your mood and mental health.



At the top of our list of tips, is sleep! There are countless studies showing that our brain functions better with an adequate amount of sleep. According to The Property Marketing Strategists, their research has shown that for 77% of Gen Z interviewees, a good night’s sleep aids their ability to manage their anxiety and mental health.

"Sleep is hugely important, and we know that Gen Z isn’t getting enough – it is a personal discipline, and Gen Z are glued to social media, negatively impacting their length and quality of sleep. But there is an onus on landlords too, a comfortable mattress is important (65%), as are blackout blinds (79%) and sound insulation (86%) and in doing this you are improving the attractiveness of the space along with improving the lives of tenants. These variables scored far higher than variables that were in tenants’ control such as how much alcohol (33%), recreational drugs they’ve taken (15%) or their diet (43%).”

- Sarah Canning, Co-Founder, The Property Marketing Strategists


Here at Unihousing, we make it a priority to design accommodation with students in mind. From the furniture to the blinds, we are constantly working towards creating a space that students can thrive in. All of our student studios offer tenants their own open plan space, with a double bed, blackout blinds, low noise white goods, plenty of storage and a desk space too. All of these amenities combined give students a place to study and stay focused, whilst also giving them room to switch off, relax and get the rest they need.

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