Tips to Help Boost Your Mood in The Winter Months

Towards the end of the winter months, many of us are likely wondering, “When will it end?”. The lull between winter and the beginning of spring can feel like it is never-ending, so below we have listed some tips to help you survive these next few months.

1. Keeping Your Space Organised, Keeps Your Brain Organised!

Having a messy space can create more mess in your brain too. Although it is hard at times to tidy when you are tired or busy, keeping your living space organised will massively help you focus and stay on top of university life. Frequently, the mess we live in reflects the mess that is in our brains, so by clearing your space, you are more likely to feel more at peace mentally too. You could try setting aside 15 minutes every day or two to do a quick tidy, which will mean that you aren’t running around trying to find things you misplaced days ago!

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2. You Are Never Too Busy to Have a Little “Me Time”

As ridiculous as that may sound, it’s true! When you move to a new place and you are trying to figure out this ‘new life’, it can be so easy to forget about making time for yourself. It is unlikely that you will have loads of time every single day, but finding even a few minutes every day to take a second, and check-in with yourself is so crucial. This could be reading a book, having a cuppa and looking out the window, or even going for a walk. With all of the new people and new experiences you are having, it’s still important to have alone time in your own company.

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3. Step Outside and Give Your Brain a Break

Yes, we realise this is easier said than done! It can be really hard to get outside during the winter months. Not only is it cold outside, but it is also still dark in the mornings when most people wake up. This combined with little sun can cause mental health dips for many people. As hard as it sometimes feels to go outside, the fresh air is so helpful for your body and brain. Even if you simply go out for 10 minutes around the block or to a nice park, you are giving your body a chance to get a bit of a refresh. Although a cosy room might seem like the best place to be, it is quite easy to get stuck inside for too long and not give your body the refresh it needs!

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4. Create More Short-Term Goals for Yourself

Although it may seem like you are continuously looking ahead and setting goals regarding your university course, it’s a good idea to also be setting short-term goals for yourself along the way. This will help you feel successful and give you more motivation to continue with the long-term goals and deadlines. Simple goals like making sure you eat breakfast every morning, tidying your room before bed, or making your bed in the morning will give you that sense of accomplishment that will help keep your engines running. Writing these tasks down also adds more weight to them, so you are more likely to experience daily successes that will encourage you to keep moving forward.

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