Tips to Staying Warm This Winter in Your University Student Accommodation

With Winter still looming around us, staying warm and knowing how to navigate student life in the colder months is crucial.

As a student in Birmingham, you have to bear in mind that the cold weather can vary in intensity, so it's essential to be ready for lower temperatures, potential snow and ice, and limited daylight. We’ve combined a few tips to help you navigate the cold winter in your student accommodation.

Winter Clothing:

Layering is key to staying warm. Invest in warm clothing, including a good winter coat, gloves, a hat and waterproof boots. Knowing that finances can be tight, most charity shops will have these at a lower price, but still in good condition.

Friends in Coats


Have you taken time to understand how the heating system in your accommodation works? If you are unsure, you can call our office to help guide you through the instructions. If there are specific guidelines or schedules, make sure to follow them. At Unihousing, our properties come with central heating and double-glazed windows as standard, to keep your living space warm and cosy throughout the year.


Invest in warm bedding. A good duvet, extra blankets, and flannel sheets can make a significant difference in keeping you warm in the colder nights.

Comfortable in bed


If you rely on public transport, be aware of any changes in schedules due to the weather. Consider alternatives in case your usual mode of transportation is affected and regularly check online for any weather and transport updates so that you can adjust your travel plans accordingly.

Warm Drinks:

If you are a tea or coffee drinker, this is the best time of the year to have no guilt about making as many hot drinks as you want on any given day. These will help you stay warm and active. You could also purchase a flask to keep your drink warmer for longer and even get discounts in coffee shops for bringing your own reusable cup!

Sharing a hot drink

Health Precautions:

Be proactive about your health. Wash your hands regularly to avoid catching colds, flu or any other bugs being spread around. If you struggle with dry skin in winter or even just in general, it is essential to carry moisturiser with you at all times to help you deal with the effects of the cold air.

Make Your Space Cosy:

If you haven’t decorated your space already, now is the perfect time! Enhance the cosiness of your living area by adding winter-friendly items like rugs, throw blankets and curtains. These not only add a touch of personality but they can also help insulate your space, ensuring you have a warm and cosy room during the winter.

Tidy Space

Winter Equipment:

As snow is not uncommon in Birmingham and certain areas in the city are prone to flooding, it’s a good idea to keep some winter equipment at hand, such as a small shovel, some de-icing salt, wellies or boots with good traction, a torch and any other accessories you think could be useful. It is good to be prepared in case of heavy snowfall or rain, so get your survival pack ready to go!

Form Study Groups:

Since weather can sometimes disrupt plans, being part of a study group where you can meet both in person and online is important to help you stay on top of your studies and keep you socialising as well. You could even host virtual game or movie nights when the weather is particularly bad.

Daylight Savings Time:

Be aware of changes in daylight hours. The days are shorter in winter, which can affect your mood and energy levels. Consider using natural light bulbs to help combat the winter blues. On March 31st, the clocks will be moving forward, which will help brighten up the days, so keep up your spirits until then!

Daylight bulb

Community Engagement:

Join clubs or groups at your university. Winter can sometimes lead to isolation, so staying socially engaged is essential for your mental well-being.

Emergency Contacts:

Keep emergency contact numbers handy, including those of university staff, local emergency services, your friends, family and your accommodation provider.

dialing a phone

Planning for the winter months ahead of time and making the necessary adjustments can help you have a more enjoyable and comfortable time in your university accommodation.

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