What is it Like to Study in Birmingham?

When you're choosing which universities you'd like to study at, one of the questions that you should be asking is what the student experience is like. The kind of things you can expect changes between cities and universities, so finding this out will help you make your decision. In this blog we look at just some of the things which form what it's like studying in Birmingham.

Communities and Experiences

Birmingham is known for its cultural diversity, which means there are many communities and experiences to be found. If you're attending the University of Birmingham, this is reflected in all of the different societies that you can take part in. Whether you're a gamer, enjoy more physical activities like rock climbing, or want to talk about different movies with other people, there's a society that'll fit you.

Part of a good university experience means finding like-minded people who you can share good times with. Because of the diversity in the city, it's very easy to find unique experiences where you can create long-lasting memories. In the city centre, you can find experiences like axe throwing, VR arcades, and escape rooms; there's always something new to try!


An Affordable Experience

As one of the largest cities in the UK, second only to London, Birmingham is well-positioned for affordability when it comes to general living and nights out. Where London is considered to be an expensive place to live, living in Birmingham is much more affordable. Not only are rent costs significantly cheaper, but transport and general living costs are cheaper.

According to TotallyMoney, the University of Birmingham comes out as the 6th most affordable UK place for students in 2019. Being a city that has a large student population, there are many offers and deals that students can make use of. The city is also remarkably easy to travel around, with a longer canal system than Venice, so you can even save money on transport by walking or cycling.

An Affordable Experience

The Student City

Studying in Birmingham means studying in one of the most student-focused cities in the United Kingdom. Birmingham is home to 5 major universities; the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, Aston University, Newman University, and University College Birmingham.

Because of this, there's been a lot of development throughout the city to cater for students. For those attending the University of Birmingham, the student village of Selly Oak provides a great location for students to live and enjoy themselves. Many retailers and amenities such as pubs, clubs, cinemas and restaurants offer student discounts, which helps you make the most of a limited student budget.

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Public Transport Options

Birmingham is a well-developed city with plenty of public transport options. Many train stations throughout the city provide easy access to popular destinations such as the Bull Ring in the city centre, Cadbury's in Bournville, and you can even catch the train to the University of Birmingham's train station. From Birmingham New Street in the centre of town, you also have easy routes to travel throughout the country.

If the impressive train system isn't enough, numerous buses run throughout the city. If push comes to shove, Uber is also available in Birmingham. Using all of these should allow you to reach wherever you need to get to safely.

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Delicious Food

One of the main benefits of being such a culturally diverse city is the vast amount of different food options available. While Birmingham is known for the Balti Triangle and its various curry restaurants, it also boasts a great number of other cuisine and restaurants.

One popular part of Birmingham that you should sample if you visit is the Digbeth Dining Club. This event which runs in several locations throughout Birmingham welcomes a range of street food vendors who provide a range of interesting and delectable meals.

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