What To Expect From University Life

As you embark on this new phase of your academic life, you may be feeling rather excited about what is coming your way. It is a period of change that will present new challenges as well as fresh opportunities for learning and new experiences. It’s also worth giving a thought to some of the issues that could potentially arise during your time as a tenant. Being prepared for these things is a good way to help you overcome them.

What To Expect From University Life: Issues to be Aware Of

Your student accommodation is important too, and in Birmingham, accommodation for students can be found through the Selly Oak-based landlord Unihousing. Unihousing student studios are ideal for Birmingham students as not only do they offer high living standards, but they usually sit within an easy walking distance from the University of Birmingham. So securing student accommodation with Unihousing by choosing their Birmingham studios is well-worth giving a thought to.

Usage of Social Media

Everyone is sure to have an opinion on this subject. Fewer people are likely to deny that using social media in the wrong way is not good. Whether through your own experience, conversations you’ve had or by looking online, you may have an understanding of what is to be avoided when using social media. Monitoring your usage of social media however is a sensible tip, as this could help stop you becoming dependent on it. It has also been pointed-out that being careful with your posts is good too, as a careless or ill-judged post could have unwanted repercussions for you either socially or in terms of employment. Also, security is an important factor for using social media, so be aware of this and be careful.

Social Media

Student Money Advice

Perhaps not a surprising topic to bring up, money could be an issue for you as a student; as we all know student life and a comfortable financial situation are not always that closely linked. With this in mind, it may be wise to start planning how to deal with your finances for the coming year. You may even want to begin setting out a budget that covers all of your living expenses, such as food, rent, travel and all the other costs for all of the essential and not-so essential outgoings that are part of getting through your weeks.

Student Noise

When it comes to your neighbours, it may be a good idea to make, where possible, a positive impression on them and probably, more importantly, to consider the levels of noise coming from within your digs. This is important as no one wants to be kept up at night or be caused unnecessary problems simply because someone failed to be careful about the volume emanating from their studio.

Home Hygiene

Although it may be the first time that you have lived away from home, there is no real alternative to being thorough and consistent in regards to maintaining the overall hygiene of your student home. Even if you have been living away from home for some time, it might be worth seeing if you can make any improvements. Keeping your place clean creates a clear path to a home that enables sanitary, healthy living, and making sure rubbish is dealt with correctly will help you keep pests away. Being aware of cleanliness in your student home and acting accordingly will help make your living experience much more pleasant.

Clean Dishes

University Loneliness

It can be easy to become isolated when you are living on your own, so it is advisable to socialise when you can and make time to see places other than the inside of your student accommodation. In order to give yourself options and to get the most out of the occasions when you leave your studio, it is recommended that you learn about what the local area offers as well as any other areas that are nearby. Student in Selly Oak, Birmingham for example, will discover that it boasts a number of pubs and restaurants that are able to give you a brilliant night-out. And, via a short journey by car or public transport, you can get to other local towns like Kings Heath or Moseley, or even the constantly stimulating Birmingham City Centre.


If you imagine going to parties to be a regular thing for you at uni’, maybe give it a second’s thought. No one wants to spoil your fun so don’t feel like you need to worry about enjoying yourself. What should be said though is that there are certain pitfalls you can avoid. And avoiding them should make parties more fun for you. You may already know what the issues can be and everyone is different, but some things like excessive drinking are always worth being wary of. Watching what you pour down your neck is not only good for your health, it’s good for your wallet, too.

Another thing is to simply be mindful of how often you’re going-out and how long you stay-out for as it can catch-up with you, making you more tired and creating an impact on other parts of your student life. While we want you to have fun and make the most of the university experience, it is worth pointing-out that knowing your limits and having a little awareness of what you’re doing is pretty useful.

Importance of Healthy Lifestyle for Students

When you are in charge of what you do and what you eat on regular basis, it is not difficult to be a little complacent and neglect such vital things as maintaining your health. However, it isn’t too difficult to make sure that you stay healthy. All that is required in basic terms is a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Take steps to finding more information on these matters and take the necessary steps to make sure you enjoy a more rewarding university experience.

Healthy Lifestyle

Accommodation Maintenance

You may find that there are problems with your studio from time to time. Through no fault of your own, you may discover that certain aspects of your accommodation will require special attention to alleviate these problems. In these instances, contacting your landlord is the route to take. Tackling any issues promptly leads to quicker results for you and an all-around better property as a consequence. Unihousing has their own team of qualified tradesmen, which means that the effective maintenance of their properties is always achievable.

Going From Here

There is no doubt that a lot of thought and planning will need to go into starting at university, while some consideration will still be required even if you are simply continuing at University. Whatever your situation, this blog will hopefully help make you aware of various elements of the whole student living experience that you should give your attention to. Bear these things in mind, find the right accommodation for you with Selly Oak-based Unihousing, and prepare for what should be a great year ahead.

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