What to Look for When Renting a Student House

Choosing accommodation can be a complicated process. By deciding you'd like a house instead of a flat or apartment, you've made one important step in finding your student home. From here, you need to be sure that the property you go for has what you need, and that it's somewhere you can get settled and be happy as you head on through your time at university.

What to look for

Price and Affordability

First thing’s first - cost. It’s a good idea to have a clearly defined price in mind and use this to guide your decision-making process, because if you can’t afford a place, then it will be a waste of time looking at it. What is also worth emphasising is that you should ensure that you are receiving your money’s worth by getting the level of quality you would expect for the price of the rent you are paying.

This is where Unihousing, the letting agency Selly Oak students choose, really stand-out. In addition to our student apartment and student studio choices, our line-up of Birmingham student houses is impressive and certainly within a price range that the average student today will be happy to shell out for. The student accommodation from Unihousing is reasonably priced and affordable for most budgets, and some of our accommodation features rent that is inclusive of your internet and utility bills.

Price and affordability

Where Your Student House Is

The area around what is potentially your next student house is going to be your home for as long as you are renting there as a student, so it should be a good location. Not only should it offer you the kind of places that are necessary to your weekly lifestyles such as shops and supermarkets, but it should also give opportunities for going out and enjoying yourself.

We at Unihousing are confident that the location of our Selly Oak accommodation offers this convenience and enjoyment for you and your housemates. At just a short distance from your University housing, you can find shops and a variety of supermarkets for all your essentials as well as places to get a quick takeaway meal.

For sampling the pubs and club life in your local area, Selly Oak is ideal also. Having a few drinks and a bite to eat with your mates is totally at your convenience by renting a Unihousing student house. Plus, for something more substantial to nibble on you could always head over to one of the various restaurants that are placed within Selly Oak such as Nando’s, Bohemia or Paprika Grill. If that doesn’t quite tempt you then the neighbouring Stirchley has many mouth-watering Balti houses to choose from.

Getting Out and About

Interestingly, what to look for when finding a student house is sometimes situated outside of the house itself. What we’re talking about here is the area that the house is located in, and one big part of what makes the area suitable is how well it enables travel via its public transport links. Without frequent, affordable, reliable public transport, and your car, you’ll be unable to reach the places you’ll need access to and will be limited in your free time, too.

Thankfully, a Unihousing student house positions you right inside Selly Oak, a place that boasts a local train station along with regular bus services. These public transport options will amply assist you in getting to lectures, travelling to the City Centre for a bit of fun and visiting other parts of Birmingham.

Getting out and about

Everyday Convenience & Being Comfortable

When looking for a student house, it must be a property that appears to offer convenience and comfort. Having adequate convenience will mean an easier way of living from week to week and of course, without comfort, you’re not going to have a pleasant experience in the property you choose to rent. In many ways, both these things are simply a result of just having the right furnishings in your accommodation.

Whereas some student homes might not tick these boxes, Unihousing’s Selly Oak student housing does. One step inside a Selly Oak student house with Unihousing introduces you to tastefully decorated well-sized rooms that give you the space you want to allow you to spread out and get comfortable. As well as this, Unihousing has made sure that these student houses to rent are not without furnishings such as sofas, wardrobes, double beds and TVs. On a more practical level, we make your living experience here a good one by providing washing machines to clean your clothes at the end of the week, fridge freezers to store your food and fully functional kitchens equipped with an oven, hob, and microwaves for making meals whenever you want.

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