What to Look Out for When Finding Your Student Accommodation

When attending university, you'll need to find student accommodation that suits your requirements. In this blog we look at what to look out for when you begin looking for accommodation.

Local Supermarkets

Access to things like shops and supermarkets is important for a comfortable living experience at university. You don’t want a long trip if supplies run low, so make sure you check how long it takes to get to the nearest shops. In Selly Oak, all of the student properties have easy access to Bristol Road, where you’ll find smaller shops such as a Tesco Express, and supermarkets such as ALDI and Sainsbury’s.

Local supermarkets

Noise Levels

When you go for your viewing, you should take a second to listen to the surrounding area. If the noise level is too high, this could be disruptive when you’re trying to relax in the evenings. Sometimes this can be due to noisy neighbours, a busy main road, or a nearby train line. To help with this, all Unihousing student accommodation is fully double glazed.

Transport Options

How easily you can access the city centre should also play a part in your decision making. Not only does this make visiting home easier, but it can also simplify any trips into town with your friends. The student village of Selly Oak is well served by public transport options, including several bus routes and a train station. This means that you can easily take a trip to the Bullring shopping centre or main city Highstreet for some shopping.

Transport options

Fitted and Furnished

When you’re studying at university, you’ll want to focus as much as possible on your studies (and partying with your friends). Moving into an unfurnished or unfitted accommodation can cause disruption while you try and find furniture. Because of this, every one of our student studios, houses, flats and apartments are fully fitted and furnished with all the student essentials.

Good Quality

This might go without saying but checking the overall quality of the accommodation on a viewing can help you avoid living somewhere unpleasant during your academic year. You should check the general standard of the property; has it been recently decorated? Is it free of mould? Do all the outlets work? This can give you a good indication of how pleasant it will be to live in during the next year.

At Unihousing, we work hard to provide properties that are fully maintained and of the highest quality. We perform annual decoration of our properties to ensure you have a pleasant living experience while studying at university. We also have a dedicated maintenance team, who can perform fast repairs and maintenance.

What’s Nearby

More than just shops and supermarkets, what you can find nearby is important for an invigorating and enjoyable time as a student. Things such as pubs, bars, takeaways and restaurants are important for spending time with your friends. For students at the University of Birmingham, there is a good selection of all of these in Selly Oak. For more choice, travelling into Birmingham proper gives you a lot to see and do.

What's nearby

Distance to University

Not many people enjoy early morning lectures, and if you’re one of the many who don’t, then the distance to university should be important to you. A short walk to university means you don’t need to get up as early for the morning lectures, and the reduced commute time gives you more time to yourself in the evenings. The University of Birmingham is only moments away for students living in Selly Oak.

Price Per Month

Your budget is an important factor when searching for the ideal accommodation. How much you can get for your money should be one of your main concerns. Shopping around what’s available online can give you an idea of how much to spend, but remember to compare the price to the other factors on this list.

Price per month

At Unihousing, we offer utility bills and internet as part of the rent in our student accommodation. This means you can move in and you’ll only need to worry about paying the rent. What’s more, we also offer other benefits, such as a free flat-screen TV or jacuzzi bath in some of our properties. Competition is fierce, so ensure you book your viewing sooner rather than later.

Helpful Landlord

When you have issues or repairs that need to be dealt with, it’s important that you can trust your landlord to respond quickly and seriously. When you go on your viewing, you should ask about what it’s like to deal with the landlord and how quickly are problems dealt with. It might be that you have to operate through a lettings agent, which can also sometimes cause problems.

Tenants in Unihousing properties can rest easy knowing they’re in capable hands. We own all our properties, which means that we can offer quick and reliable service and repairs. Our friendly reception team has years of experience helping students find their ideal student let, and they can do the same for you.

Contact Unihousing and find a student accomodation which is right for you.