Why Choose Unihousing’s Selly Oak Accommodation

When you’re on a student budget, it’s important to get the most out of every penny. This includes what you’re paying for your student accommodation. With Unihousing’s Selly Oak student accommodation, you can be sure that whatever studio or house you choose, you’ll be getting the most out of your money. Below, we look at all the reasons you should choose Unihousing accommodation as a Birmingham student.

Why Choose Selly Oak?

Selly Oak is often referred to as the ‘student village’, as it is very well suited for the student lifestyle. Birmingham is home to many universities, including the prestigious redbrick University of Birmingham, which is only a short walk from Bristol Road in Selly Oak. There are also several transport links heading into the city centre, which makes accessing the rest of Birmingham easy. Combined with the many local amenities and entertainment options, this makes Selly Oak a fantastic location no matter which university you’re attending.


Fitting with the Student Lifestyle

The University of Birmingham, is one of the most racially diverse in the UK, if not the world. This is reflected in the rest of Birmingham, which is a hotpot of different cultures. With such a variety of tastes and interests to cater for, Selly Oak does a great job in providing many different choices for students. When you’re living in our student accommodation, you’ll find a great selection of pubs, takeaways, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and more just a short walk from your front door.

But, if Selly Oak’s options don’t suit you, you can hop onto one of the many trains or buses leading into the city centre, where you’ll find a fantastic selection of shops to choose from. If you like trying different foods, there are a great many options of cuisine from different cultures in the city centre.

Party Life

Socialising is a huge part of student life, and Selly Oak has many social venues which students can enjoy. With several pubs and clubs along Bristol Road, there is plenty of choice for having a good night-out. Not to mention the great number that you can find in the city centre; with so much choice, you’re bound to find somewhere that suits you and your friends.

Inside Student Accommodation

While it’s important to make sure that everything you need outside of your student accommodation is easy to reach, it’s also important to check that you have everything you need inside as well. Luckily for you, Unihousing have you covered. We have years of experience helping students find their ideal accommodation and can help you find a studio or house that suits you.


All of our student studios are fully furnished with the essentials, meaning you can move in straight away without the hassle of getting furniture. Some of the furnishings you can expect in our studios include a double bed, study desk and chair, a flatscreen TV, plenty of storage, and a snack area with low-noise white goods. Our studios also come with fitted ensuite shower rooms, which you don’t have to share with anyone else. Additionally, you can enjoy 100Mb broadband and utility bills being included in the rent, which makes planning your budget much easier.

If you do need any maintenance or repairs while you’re staying in our accommodation, we have a dedicated maintenance team who can facilitate your repairs quickly. Because we are a registered landlord who own all our properties, we have a reason to keep all our properties in top condition. This includes outfitting all our student accommodation with double glazing and laminated flooring throughout.

Unihousing Student Lettings

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