Why Ensuite Accommodation Might Be Exactly What You’re Looking for This Academic Year

For students seeking to pair their independence with some community living, our ensuite accommodation could be the perfect fit. Not only are our ensuite studios fully fitted to your needs, but they are also conveniently located in Selly Oak, only minutes away from the University of Birmingham.

Not to mention that our student studios also have utilities included in the price of rent! Interested in learning more? Take a look at our list below and learn how our Ensuite Studios could be the best fit for you.


For students seeking a bit more of a quiet and independent living arrangement, ensuite studios are a great option. Not only do they showcase an open plan living area, but they also come fully furnished with all of the necessities, including your own personal fridge freezer, a food prep area, good sized desk, a comfy double bed and an ensuite bath or shower room. Many ensuite properties also have a separate bed and study area, which is perfect whenever you need to go back to a quiet room to study or rest after a hard day.


Communal living spaces

Most of our ensuite properties come with a shared kitchen/dining area where you can share meals and spend time with friends or other students. This allows you to have a place to socialise when you want, but you can also easily head back to your own private space when needed. It really is the best of both worlds for students who need to recharge their social battery but also love to spend time with friends.



All of our studios provide students with their very own ensuite bath or shower room, comprised of a sink, toilet and bath or shower. This gives students more independence and control of their space, as there is no pressure to shower or get ready at certain times since you are the only one using the bathroom. You are also fully responsible for the cleanliness of your space, so you will not be getting into any arguments with housemates about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom. This is one of the main reasons many of our tenants choose our ensuite studios.


Large Double Bed

Sleep and comfort are a very important part of student living, which is why all of our student properties feature a comfy double bed for every bedroom. This gives you a peaceful space where you can rest after a hard day of revising or lectures, or even a night out. Having a place to relax and rest is incredibly important and will help with your work/play balance.

Double Bed

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Unihousing is a student accommodation provider near the University of Birmingham, operating since 1984. All of our accommodation in Selly Oak is owned by us, so we can respond quickly to any requests using our qualified team of tradesmen. Our property office is located on Bristol Road, only a short walk away from all of our accommodation. This means we can deal directly with our tenants.

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