Why Pick Us for Your Birmingham University Accommodation

Find out why you should pick Unihousing for your Birmingham University Accommodation.

If you plan to study at the University of Birmingham and are actively searching for accommodation, there are many questions that you may have asked yourself whilst looking:

  • Is there easy access to and from University?
  • Will I be able to shop easily for my groceries?
  • What else can I do in the area?
  • What's the nightlife like?

Unihousing have the answers for you, and you'll be surprised to see what you could be gaining by staying in one of our beautiful student studios.

Student Essentials

First and foremost, you'll be happy to hear that we are based close to the University of Birmingham, with some of our studios being just a few minutes' walk away. Being that close to university means you can get to and from your lectures quickly, and also enjoy the many facilities that the UoB campus offers.

Studios are for many the most fitting accommodation choice for students. This is due to the fact that you can enjoy the privacy of having everything you need right where you are. The en suite bathroom area is a convenient addition to this experience, and everything else that you could need is laid out neatly around you.

So, for the student that goes out constantly, a student studio is great as it allows you to have the space to come in and out as you please. Whereas for the student that prefers to stay in, the studio compliments this too by having a study area, and other benefits for when you're just relaxing indoors.

Student essentials

Worried about the winter nights? We have you covered. All of our studios come fitted with double glazing and central heating.


You'll be happy to know that if any problems do occur with your accommodation, we at Unihousing have our own specialist team of qualified tradesmen, who are ready to carry out any work that needs to be done. To add to this, all of the communal areas in our studios are cleaned by us regularly. This includes any landings and stairs. As Unihousing is a letting agency that owns all of its properties, there is no problem too small, or too big. We're here to help you.

Costs and Bills

Unihousing are registered letting agents based in Selly Oak who offer a high-quality level of student accommodation in Birmingham at affordable prices. This means that the different studios can cover a wide range of budgets. What's noteworthy, however, is that as part of our accommodation service, the majority of our properties have utility and internet bills fully included within the rent cost. This helps you manage your outgoing costs.

Costs and bills

What Selly Oak Offers

Since our studios are based here in Selly Oak, you will have access to a large amount of shops and places of interest that are available. There are several supermarkets for your regular grocery shopping. Barbers and hairdressers can also be found in the local area if you're looking for that fresh hairstyle that's close to home. Selly Oak also has its own pharmacy.

There's also a selection of pubs in the local area for when you want to socialise with some friends. If you're feeling in the mood for a nice meal out with some friends or colleagues, there are a lot of restaurants nearby which can suit a multitude of tastes. This includes noodle bars, grills, and other delectable foods for you to explore and expand your pallet to.

Venturing Out

If you want to head out of Selly Oak to explore the rest of Birmingham, there are two major transport options. These being the local bus services, and Selly Oak Train Station. Both of these are within walking distance from our student studios.

Local bus services provide you with a cheap and consistent way to travel. You can visit multiple places this way comfortably, and with the help of Google Maps or one of the many bus apps available on your phone, you can travel with ease to see what Birmingham has to offer.

Selly Oak Train Station provides a great opportunity to visit Birmingham city centre, which houses one of the UK's top shopping centres, The Bullring, as well as other shopping/tourist destinations such as Grand Central, Millennium Point, and the Jewellery Quarter.


Although being able to go shopping on a student budget with friends is a good way to get out of the house and socialise with your friends, what about the nightlife? Well, you'll be happy to know that Selly Oak has several locations for socialising at night, including The S'Oak, The Indie Lounge, and Circo, all of which are popular and satisfy a multitude of different tastes.


Making the Decision

Deciding on accommodation for university can definitely be a frustrating task, however, it doesn't have to be. Unihousing have years of experience with students and student housing. We've spent years perfecting our craft to provide great student living, and our aim is to work towards allowing you to enjoy your stay with us whilst you focus on the bigger picture.

Get in touch with Unihousing, and see what we can offer you.