Why You Should Consider Renting a Shared Student Apartment with Unihousing

Whether you have just been accepted into your choice of university or you are going into your 2nd or 3rd year, searching for student accommodation is a very important next step. It can feel quite stressful or scary, but it can also be very exciting! There might be a lot of questions going through your head at this point, and you might be wondering where to stay, whether to live solo or with other people and how far your journeys to and from university will be.

Regardless of whether this is your first time away from home or a continuation of your student journey, we are here to help you find your ideal accommodation and understand the ins and outs of the process. Interested in learning why you should choose Unihousing for your student accommodation? Keep reading to find out!

Dining and Kitchen

Choosing Our Unihousing Shared Student Apartments

In our shared accommodation at Unihousing, you will find a well-sized space, comprising of double bedrooms, 1 bath or shower room, and an open plan kitchen/living area. Our properties come fully furnished and include double beds, storage, study desk and chairs, fridge/freezer, washing machine, and more. Some of our apartments also come with utility bills and high-speed 100Mb broadband included in the price of rent. To top it off, our dedicated maintenance team is always available to provide quick responses to any maintenance and repair issues.

Besides the space and comfort that our shared apartments offer, there are many other reasons why shared accommodation could be the best fit for you!


1. Gives A Boost To Your Social Life

If you are someone who is extremely social, living together with other students is a good start to life at university. It presents you with the opportunity of living and interacting with other students who are going through the same things you are. You can all support each other and even spend time revising and working on projects together during term time.


2. Saves You A Bit Of Money

The UK has faced a spike in the cost of bills, and the general cost of living is increasing by the day. Shared accommodation presents you with the opportunity to not face it alone. The rent cost is split between housemates and the cost of utility bills such as electricity, Wi-Fi and water is also divided up. And if you decide to eat together, even the food bill can go down since you will all be pitching in and cooking in bulk. This is one great way to save up a bit of money to use on other things.

Save Money

3. Provides You With More Safety

For anyone studying at university, your safety is always extremely important. All our apartments at Unihousing are in secure locations surrounded by safe neighbourhoods, with locks throughout the property. Sharing an apartment with likely make you feel much safer in case of any danger, as there are several of you. Living with housemates is also great for sharing means of transport to university and other socials like parties, which can sometime end quite late in the night. This way you can all travel together and don’t have to worry as much about getting home safely.


4. Proximity To University And Other Social Amenities

Our properties are all located in Selly Oak, an area commonly known as the student village, and within walking distance of the University of Birmingham. There are also multiple transport links such as the Selly Oak Train Station and various bus routes along the A38. Selly Oak is also conveniently central to various bars, restaurants and retail. This means you will always be on time for your lectures and will never miss a party or a movie at the cinema.

Walk to university

5. Benefiting From Both Privacy and Community

Shared accommodation gives you a taste of personal space and the ability to experience it within a community of friends. You can go to your own room for personal study, calls, or to relax, but have the freedom to spend time with your housemates whenever you would like. This is harder to do if you live solo because you would be alone most of the time unless you have visitors around.


Looking for Student Accommodation? Unihousing Can Help!

Unihousing is a student accommodation provider near the University of Birmingham, operating since 1984. All of our accommodation in Selly Oak is owned by us, so we can respond quickly to any requests using our qualified team of tradesmen. Our property office is located on Bristol Road, only a short walk away from all of our accommodation. This means we can deal directly with our tenants.

Unihousing was selected as the Number 1 Student Letting Agent in Birmingham by the UK's biggest fresher community, Unifresher.

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