Student Accommodation for the University of Birmingham

What Unihousing Has To Offer

Choosing where to live while at university can be a big decision with many factors involved. Should I live with others in a house share? Who should I live with? Will I be able to get to my campus easily? With so much to consider, it can be hard to find the ideal student accommodation.

Unihousing is here to help with that decision. We offer student houses, flats, apartments and studios to let, all within walking distance of the University of Birmingham. We can help you find the right student property for your needs, whether that's a private and spacious studio or a house for you and your friends. Enjoy your time at university in safe, welcoming and sociable surroundings.

Student Studios And Shared Accommodation

Our studio apartments are an excellent choice for the student population. Fully furnished with all the student essentials, our studios give a modern and stylish way of living to tenants. All our studios have fitted ensuite shower rooms and ample storage space. While you'll find your own personal kitchen/snack area in many of our studios, some do share a kitchen with the other studios in the property.

For those looking to live with their friends at university, we also offer popular student houses. While you don't get the level of privacy that you would get living in a studio, a student house can offer sociable surroundings to share your living experience with friends. We have a range of houses that can suit both small and large groups, all conveniently located close to the University of Birmingham.

Student Accommodation

Luxury accommodation is also available, providing students with a unique university living experience. Our luxury studios have all been purpose built for students, focusing on both comfort and function. For your comfort, each of our luxury studios include a Smart TV and high speed fibre optic internet. Both modern and spacious, our luxury studio apartment are ideal for students at the University of Birmingham.

No matter your choice of accommodation, you can be guaranteed to find all the essentials for living while at university. As standard, all of our student lets come with: central heating, showers, smoke detectors, fire doors, security alarm systems, washing machines, fridge/freezers, annual decorating, modern furnishings, and appliance maintenance. Our dedicated maintenance team ensures that you have quick responses to your repair requests.

Selly Oak provides the ideal location for student accommodation in Birmingham. Students in higher education at the University of Birmingham can enjoy short walks to their lectures, while also having everything they need nearby, including supermarkets, shops, pubs, restaurants and takeaways. For students studying at Birmingham City University, Aston University, or University College Birmingham, our student accommodation could also be ideal.

Student Accommodation

Student living has never been so convenient. Being in Selly Oak also provides easy access to the city centre and rest of Birmingham, with local bus and train routes, Bristol Road running through Selly Oak, and the nearby Pershore Road. Birmingham city centre is a cultural hotspot, with many different things to both see and do, including a range of bars and clubs on Broad Street, and a large selection of shops and restaurants in the Bullring Shopping Centre.

Why Choose Unihousing?

Unihousing owns all of its student property. This ensures that we take good care of all our property and those who choose to rent with us. The upkeep and quality of all our accommodation is important to us. This is why we have our dedicated maintenance team who spend their time addressing problems with all of our marketed properties. You can rest easy knowing that we are as invested in your home as you are.

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Birmingham University Student Accommodation FAQ

Does Unihousing have high quality student accommodation available in the West Midlands?

Our brand-new complex of luxury studios in Selly Oak, Birmingham, are suitable for those looking for high-quality student accommodation. Spread over 4 floors, with different packages on offer, they are ideal for University of Birmingham students.

What date can students move into their Unihousing accommodation each year?

The standard move-in date for our properties is July 1st but is subject to the property in question. If you'd like to know what accommodation we have available for a certain date, contact us so we can help.

Do you offer shared student accommodation available in Selly Oak?

We have a range of shared houses available in Selly Oak, suitable for different group sizes. Contact us today so we can help you find your ideal accommodation.

Does the student accommodation offered by Unihousing come fully furnished?

Unihousing's accommodation comes fully furnished for students, which makes the process of moving in easier.

How do I choose the right student accommodation?

When choosing the ideal student accommodation there are many things to consider, it would be in your best interest to decide on a few things before beginning the search for your university home. Firstly, setting a reasonable budget is the first step here. Regardless of what you find, if you can’t afford it, you can't live there. Secondly, try to decide which company you wish to keep during your uni stay. If you’re a lone wolf who doesn’t like to share company, consider renting a student studio. If you have others with whom you wish to live and study with, consider renting a student house.

How does living on campus makes a student's life easier?

Living on campus allows students to bypass many of the problems that living away from university can bring, such as convenient access to academic support services, being near to the local supermarkets and shops, and also the ability to live near fellow students whilst still maintaining your personal space.

Can you stay in uni accommodation over the summer?

Although most contracts finish around July to coincide with the end of term time. In the majority of cases, there is usually nothing wrong with staying over the summer holidays, as long as the details are clarified with your landlord beforehand. Many private landlords may also offer summer lets, which give students time to explore Birmingham or tie up loose ends before moving on.