Professional Houses

Unihousing provides quality professional lets at affordable prices in the Birmingham area. It’s our ability to provide an exceedingly high level of service, that makes us so popular in the local community. Even though we are well known as a student housing provider, we also offer professional properties for singles, couples and families.

One example of our professional properties are our professional houses, this form of property is great for a small family looking to move into their first home, or a couple looking to start a family. Our professional houses can range from 2 bed houses to 4 or 5 in several different locations around the city, including Selly Oak and Harborne.

The images on this page are just one example of our professional houses. This particular property can be found on the Bristol road, and is ideal for a family.

This property comes designed with a family in-mind. the master bedroom is of a good size and comes with an en-suite. The house also contains another four bedrooms which come in various different shapes and sizes but are ideal for children and guest bedrooms. These are next to the second bathroom which is perfect for the children.

The remaining area of the house consists of a good-size kitchen area with cooking facilities large enough for cooking for several people. This also comes with extra storage space in the form of a pantry. Secondly, you’ll find the ideal relaxing zone in the form of a smart and modern lounge area which is easily big enough to fit an entire family. Finally, you will find a sizable dining area and a conservatory which is lovely during the summer months.

The numerous and spacious downstairs living spaces mean that you'll have plenty of room, as well as numerous spaces to find a quiet corner to be alone and find some privacy. This property come with a back garden with ample space for small children to play in a safe environment, and also includes a front garden with a driveway.

This property has been ideally built for a family looking to move into their own home. This beautiful property provides easy living with loads of room around the house for the entire family. Enjoying the sun couldn’t be easier in the spacious back garden which is ideal for a summer time BBQ with friends and family.

Owning the property that we offer to tenants is just one way in which Unihousing can keep all of our accommodation in such a modern condition. This allows Unihousing to invest in its properties and maintain a high level of quality throughout its accommodation. This means each year we can modernise properties to make them suitable, something which normal letting agents would find difficult as they are not in control of the spending budget for a property as they do not own it.

To find out more about Unihousing and all the properties we have on offer, you can fill out the form below and we will contact you with our available professional lets. Or if you would prefer to pop in for a chat, visit us at 571 Bristol Rd B29 6AF. We would be delighted to help you find the ideal professional let.

Professional Apartments

Unihousing provides a range of professional properties at affordable prices. Among the several forms of accommodation, Unihousing's professional apartments provide an ideal living experience. This form of accommodation is great for somebody who is looking to move out into their own personal space, or for a couple looking to rent their first property together.

Our example property below is at our Harborne hall residence, this is a typical apartment and will give you an idea of what you can expect when renting with Unihousing. The location of Harborne itself is a beautiful area with a great village centre where you can find all the things you need on a weekly basis. Other things worth noting about this area is its close proximity to the Q.E Hospital.

This Property at Harborne hall, is enclosed in its own area with fantastic views and use of the surrounding area, ideal for those looking for a rural view, without sacrificing the convenience of living in town. The property itself comes with a parking space which is secured behind an electrical gate and watched with CCTV for an extra layer of security.

The property itself is set up for a single professional or couple with ample room. The kitchen area comes with fitted appliances, and also contains a large amount of storage for dry foods and cooking utensils. All of this makes for easy living and gives you the opportunity to flex your culinary skills.

The remaining areas in the apartment include a lounge/dining area which is ideal for relaxing after a long day at work. You will also find a sizable double bedroom, this comes with wardrobe space to store clothing and other such items. Finally, a spacious bathroom completes the apartment.

Unihousing is different from other letting agents in the Selly Oak area. We have a dedicated maintenance and office team, both of which are solely focused on all Unihousing property. This is only achieved because unlike most other letting agents, Unihousing owns all of its property. This allows them to make quick decisions and process your enquiries faster than any agent.

Professional studios offer a brilliant solution for someone who is looking to find a place of their own. For those who may be interested in possible properties such as this one, please fill out the form below and a member of our friendly reception team will contact you to help you find your ideal professional apartment.

Professional Flats

Professional flats are another example of the different forms of professional property that is offered by Unihousing. Found all over Birmingham, professional flats can be the ideal space for someone who has just graduated at university, or for someone working in the city.

Similar to our professional apartments, these flats offer a fantastic space for either a single occupant, or a couple. Our accommodation is offered at a competitive price, with a range of different potential properties to suit all.

The property on this page is an example of the type of accommodation we offer at Unihousing. This particular property is based in the tranquil and beautiful area of Harborne, offering great views and a calm living environment.

The property in question is located within Harborne hall, which contains several professional flats which are available to rent. The grounds are in a secluded area with an outside area that can be used by tenants as they please. Each tenant also receives a parking space which is secure behind an electric fence, which is overlooked by several CCTV cameras operating 24/7.

Moving inside the property, you will find a large and comfortable space with ample room for two people, ideal for a couple looking for their first place together. Each flat comes with a double bedroom, which also contains some storage space. After a long day at work, the sizeable lounge area is ideal for relaxing. There is also space for a dining table.

This property includes a fitted kitchen which includes a hob, oven, and fridge freezer. The kitchen will usually also contain the washing machine; however, this is sometimes stored in another area of the flat. All of our flats come with a good-size bathrrom, containing a bath with shower, toilet and sink.

Looking after our tenants is very important to us at Unihousing. We feel that a relaxing and comfortable environment is the best way to ensure our tenants enjoy their stay with us. To do this, Unihousing are constantly developing and upgrading their property to make sure they can provide the highest quality accommodation. This is only possible because we own all of our property. This gives us full control to renovate and maintain our properties all year round.

Professional flats are a great for individuals looking for a place of their own or for couples. If you are interested in finding out more about our available properties, you can fill out the contact form below and someone on our friendly team will be in touch.

Professional Studios

Professional studio apartments are the ideal property for single tenants looking for their own place after university, or for couples searching for their first home. All of our studios are prepared with you in mind. Situated in the beautiful Harborne area, our studios come with scenic views and fantastic accessibility to local amenities, such as shops, supermarkets and the Queen Elizabeth hospital. Not to mention the great transport links that living in Birmingham provides, such as the nearby bus and train routes.

We like to update all of our studios frequently to keep them looking modern. Our studios are offered at a competitive price, providing you the best living experience for your money. The pictures you see on this page offer an idea of what you may expect from one of our typical professional studios. Most of our studios come with a parking space on or nearby the property, some of which are secured with an electric gate and CCTV.

Each property is semi-furnished including a fitted bathroom that includes a good-sized shower, a separate double bedroom and an excellent fitted kitchen with modern appliances. Finally, there is a generous living area which is perfect for relaxing after a stressful day. These properties have been designed for efficient living for one or more occupants.

Unihousing has properties located all over the Birmingham area, whether its living and working in the centre of Birmingham or a quiet place in the surrounding areas, we have something for you. Our scenic views are available with our professional studios and are sure to brighten your mornings. Our professional studios are a short bus or train journey from Birmingham city centre, providing easy access to everything Birmingham has to offer.

One of the great things about Unihousing is our ability to communicate with our tenants quickly and effectively. Unihousing has a dedicated team who are all in constant communication to answer and help with any questions or maintenance problems you may be experiencing. This is only possible because Unihousing owns the property that it lets out each year. This means we can eliminate any third party agents.

Professional studios provide a brilliant solution for someone who is looking to find a place of their own. If you'd like to find out more about our available professional studios, you can contact us using the form below, and we will be in touch with properties that suit your requirements.

Long Tenancy Accommodation in Selly Oak

It’s not just our accommodation that sets us apart from many other letting agents in Selly Oak and Birmingham. Unihousing offer long tenancy agreements for those that require one. This means a tenant can reside in one of our properties on a long term basis, rather than just several months. Arrangements such as these are often made on a yearly basis, but this can change to suit the occupant.

Unhousing’s long stay accommodation is of high quality and mostly located in and around the Birmingham area. This is ideal for new families, couples and single professionals who are looking to move out and find a place they can call their own for the first time.

Professional Lounge

There are many examples of extended lease properties which have been constructed to provide comfortable and easy living to its occupants. All professional accommodation will contain a large kitchen area providing space for cooking and storage. You will also find a bedroom area which is of a good size including a double bed and storage for your clothes and personal items. All our professional accommodation also contains a comfortable living/lounge area. Last but not least, all accommodation has its own personal wash room including a toilet, shower/bath and sink.

Most of our professional lets are located in Birmingham, this means you’re always near great transport links helping you to travel in, out and around the city of Birmingham. Alongside this a quick check of Birmingham online will show you loads of great locations you could visit while you’re living in the city of Birmingham.

A big requirement for many tenants is that they can contact someone to quickly and effectively sort any problems or answer questions regarding their accommodation. Unihousing is fortunate enough to own all of its marketed property. This should help to put your mind at ease knowing that we have reason to make sure our property is well maintained and our tenants are kept happy.

Locating the property which can give you everything you need is difficult. Unihousing could have just what you’re looking for when it comes to long tenancy accommodation. Get in contact with Unihousing today and check out some of our available property.

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