Student Accommodation for Couples

Unihousing's Student Couple Accommodation

We offer studios, flats and apartments in Birmingham suited for friends and couples wanting to share accommodation. While there are many forms of accommodation which are suitable for couples, it's harder to find somewhere that provides the privacy you may require. Unihousing offers 1 and 2 bedroom properties which are ideal for a private living experience.

Selly Oak Student Studios and Twodios

These fabulous, spacious studios and twodios are a great choice for couples who are looking for an efficient and relaxing lifestyle. All our studio spaces consist of well-presented private bedrooms, good-sized private bathrooms, wonderful private open plan living/dining areas and contemporary fitted kitchens. A twodio is a great option for student couples, providing both privacy and enough room for a comfortable time at the University of Birmingham.

Student Studio

Student Flats and Apartments in Birmingham

Flats and apartments are also a brilliant option for couples searching for a calm and quiet living space. A flat or apartment provides privacy and enough space for guests and hosting events. Flats consist of a main open lounge and dining area, while the bedrooms are separated. This is particularly helpful if you desire more personal space and alone time. Our dual occupancy accommodation is an ideal choice for full-time students.

Student Studio

What our Properties Offer

Unihousing's studios, flats and apartments come fully fitted, including a fridge freezer, microwave, hob and a washer/dryer. All our accommodation also includes a double bed and mattress, some form of storage, usually a wardrobe to store clothes and belongings, and a desk and chair for home study.

All our student couple accommodation is located in an area that offers a plentiful selection of restaurants, pubs/bars and cafes. Additionally, there is a good selection of shops and supermarkets nearby for any shopping you may require. Selly Oak is a prime student hotspot filled to the brim with places suited for student life, including pubs and bars.

Student Studio

Selly Oak has great public transport links into the city centre and neighbouring districts. A train station and several bus routes provide access to Broadstreet and Birmingham New Street. From there, you can visit the Bullring and High Street, where you can find a vast selection of shops and restaurants.

Making the Right Choice for You

Choosing the best possible fit for the two of you is a very important decision. Our studios and apartments have been designed with students in mind, making them a good choice of accommodation for your studies. If you're looking for shared accommodation that also gives personal privacy, a twodio with twin rooms could be ideal for you. We can also help international student couples find accommodation in Birmingham.

Student Studio

At Unihousing, we own all of our properties, this means you get the reassurance that we will give you a high quality of care. We manage all of our accommodations personally as opposed to using letting agents. By maintaining them using our special team of qualified tradesmen, we look to provide better assistance to our tenants.

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Birmingham Student Accommodation for Couples FAQ

How much does one need to live well in Birmingham?

In areas such as Selly Oak, students can find discounts and sales aplenty. This is due to competitive pricing as the majority of the community are students.

How can I find the best place to live in Birmingham as a student?

It is important to find accommodation that is near to the university to reduce travel costs. It is also worth checking that supermarkets are reasonably distanced so that you can shop without having to spend unnecessary money every week.

Can couples live in student housing?

Unihousing offers multiple forms of accommodations that are suited for student friends and couples that want to live in the same accommodation. In particular, Unihousing can provide student twodios. These contain well-presented private bedrooms, wonderful open plan living/dining areas, and modern fitted kitchens. Twodios are a great option for couples who want a relaxing lifestyle whilst studying at UoB.

Can my boyfriend stay over at Uni?

You are allowed to have guests over when staying at university accommodation. However, if the guest will be staying overnight, it may depend on the landlord on whether or not they can stay. Generally, there will be no major issues with a guest staying over temporarily, though much consideration must be given to the other tenants who are also staying in the building. As an extra person will contribute to noise, as well as a drain on resources such as electricity and food if they are shared with other tenants.