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What To Expect From A Student Flat

Unihousing provides several different forms of student accommodation in Selly Oak, one of which are student flats. Flats offer a student a fantastic space of their own in which they can thrive during their time at university. The location of all our student flats is Selly Oak which is only a moment's walk from the Edgbaston campus at the University of Birmingham.

The following is an example of one of Unihousing student flats. Each flat is fully refurbished on a yearly basis providing a fresh and clean look to each and every place.

So what makes a flat better than a house, or a studio? Each property type has its own pros and cons, and all students will have a different criteria as to what they are looking for. A flat provides the privacy of a studio while still providing room for guests.

Why Choose Unihousing Student Flat

One way Unihousing helps to put your mind at ease when renting accommodation is by owning all of its property. This should help to instil confidence in tenants by showing that Unihousing has a desire to maintain and develop their property to keep them as modern and fresh as possible. It also has the bonus of speeding up requests and questions which come to the office. This is because the Unihousing team do not have to consult another exterior party/team before signing off on repairs, new parts or new appliances.


All of Unihousing's accommodation comes fully fitted and our flats are the same, starting with the kitchen students will find a nice open space to do their cooking and cleaning. A fridge freezer, microwave, and hob are all provided as part of the furnishings. The kitchen will often also house a washer and dryer to allow you to clean clothes with ease. Students can also find a separate desk area with a chair and some open space that provides the ideal place to relax and unwind after a long day or get stuck into some further revision.

The key difference between a flat and a studio is the bedroom. In a studio this room is combined with the living area into one larger area and a flat will have two separate rooms for each, this provides another aspect of privacy when having friends and family around. All bedrooms come with a double bed and mattress, with some form of storage, usually a wardrobe to store clothes and belongings.


Finally, every student flat comes with its own personal toilet and shower room. For some students, this may be a pleasant welcome if they had been previously sharing bathrooms. All our flats to let in Selly Oak have central heating, smoke detectors, fire doors, burglar alarms, washing machines, fridge freezers, annual decorating, modern furniture and appliance maintenance as standard.

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Students from across the globe come to the University of Birmingham every year. The hunt for the ideal accommodation is fierce and it’s important to get yourself ahead of the game and secure your property as early as possible. Register your interest with us today and be the first to hear about our available accommodation for the new academic year in 2019.

A Unihousing flat to let in Selly Oak

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Student Flats FAQ

What are the nice neighbourhoods in Birmingham?

According to SaveTheStudent, the most popular student neighbourhood in Birmingham is Selly Oak. This is due to its proximity to UoB, as well as the purpose-built blocks in the area.

What are the good and bad neighbourhoods of Birmingham, UK?

Lozells and East Handsworth have seen the highest reported crime rate within the last year, whereas areas such as Edgbaston and Harborne are said to be the better neighbourhoods in Birmingham.

Are studio flats good for students?

There are many advantages to studio flats. They allow you to keep yourself away from the distractions of other housemates, or the annoyances of having to clean up other people's messes. However, if you do want to socialise, there are usually shared student areas that allow you to mingle with the other students. Along with this, studio flats give the additional advantage of not needing to share a cooking area with other students. This gives you the freedom to cook when you want, cook what you want, and clean up when you want without restrictions.

What makes a good student residence?

The most ideal student residence is somewhere you can focus on your studies without worrying about distractions. This will change depending on the student, however, having fewer things to worry about is usually what helps contribute to this. Location can play a big part in this, as living near the university itself or near the city centre will minimise the amount of time you spend travelling.