7 Things to Look Out For - Student Accommodation

Here are 7 things to look out for when you're on the hunt for student accommodation.

As the end of the academic year begins to sneak up on you, it's important to start thinking about accommodation for the new year. The sooner you can get your next accommodation figured out, the sooner you can start relaxing for the summer term. It's important to find a place that fits you and your needs; are you looking to rent a house with friends, or a studio with yourself or one other person? What location would be the best for your studies, and what local amenities are a necessity? Here are 7 things to look out for when you're on the hunt for student accommodation.

What to look out for

1. Location/Travel

Every year at university is different and sometimes your needs from one year will change and be very different for the next year. For many students, location is a very important factor for selecting accommodation. Travel time and cost both add up if you are traveling there and back, so take into consideration how far you are willing to travel and what is financially feasible.

At Unihousing, all our studios and Selly Oak houses to let are ideally located within walking distance to the University of Birmingham, and a short bus/train journey away from the city centre which is a prime hotspot for many other universities and campuses. If you're someone who likes to click the snooze button a few extra times in the morning, then it's worthwhile finding a property that's only down the road from your campus, giving you that little extra time in bed.

2. Cost and Budget

Most of us get stressed out by finances and though it's the last thing we want to think about, it is a crucial part of picking the right accommodation for you. It's important to know what you want and pay attention to the cost of your student accommodation, ensuring that you can afford it. If you are looking for an affordable, quiet and comfortable living experience, our studio spaces are the perfect place for you to have plenty of room and alone time, without the distractions of an overload of people.

On the other hand, our shared properties are a brilliant solution for sharing with your friends and can help you save a good amount on money. You also have the flexibility to decide how many people you would like to share with, depending on your budget and what you can afford. Many of Unihousing's student properties also have utility bills included in the rent, making it easier to see exactly how much you'll be spending per month.

Cost and budget

3. Letting Agents/Landlords

When researching for properties and accommodation, it's very important to also be researching the letting agents/landlords as well. The best letting agencies will have years of good service and reviews that stand out above the rest, which can give you the confidence to make the best decision for you. Additionally, it's a good idea to have questions ready for your letting agency regarding what the maintenance team is like and whether the owner is nice and responsive.

You can also ask these questions to the current tenants during viewings. Another good thing to look out for is how quick the letting agency is when responding to queries and what their customer service is like. Once you have met with them, you will have a better idea of how accommodating they were to your search and whether you feel comfortable proceeding further.

Unihousing is a registered landlord in Selly Oak, and we are passionate about providing our clients with the best possible service and support, helping every person find the right place for them according to their wants, needs and budget. Our friendly reception team can help you find the right accommodation for your time at university.

4. Surroundings and Amenities

Though your main focus will be on your studies, it's important to live in an area that has all the necessities you need. When searching for accommodation, try to take into consideration what food and shops are around, how close the train station/bus is, and what other amenities the location offers.

It may not seem like the most important factor when looking for a property, but what your local surroundings are like can have a huge impact on your student year. If there are no shops, pubs or places to eat around you, it will be extremely difficult for you to find what you need and socialise with friends.

All of our Unihousing properties are located in Selly Oak, which is a brilliant student hotspot. From a variety of shops, diverse food and wonderful places to socialise, Selly Oak is extremely popular and provides you with all you'll need. Additionally, our properties are conveniently located just a bus/train journey away from the city centre, providing you with a wider range of food hotspots, cinemas, nightlife, shopping and other exciting activities to do while you are studying.

5. Shared or Solo Living

Depending on your personality and budget, it's important to consider all your options regarding what accommodation is the best fit for you. After spending your first year in halls, you might find that you have made some amazing friends and would like to find a property for you all to live in. Depending on how many people are included, a large shared property could provide you with a brilliant budget solution for your next student year. Having a house full of friends means that your time at university will be filled with fun, laughter and community.

For others, a shared property could sound extremely daunting and not what you are looking for. There are plenty of flats and studios to let in Birmingham that can accommodate you or even you and one other person, in order to have a quieter year at university, and give you your own private space. Unihousing offers a diverse range of shared properties ranging from 3-6 people along with 1 or 2 person studios in Selly Oak as well. All of our properties are fully furnished with various kitchen appliances and furniture, newly fitted bathrooms and for many of our properties, bills are commonly included in the price.

Shared or solo living

6. Property Age and Condition

When you go to property viewings, it's important to look out for the general condition of the property. If you move into a property that is in poor condition, it can have an extremely negative effect on your studies and overall university experience. You can usually tell pretty quickly what state the property is and whether it has been recently refurbished.

It is quite common for estate agents/landlords to freshen up their properties before new tenants move in, but this isn't always the case. Make sure you take note of what condition the furniture is in, quality of the build and what the overall cleanliness and function is in the kitchen and bathroom/s. These are key areas that need to be in good condition.

Additionally, a well-maintained property shows that the estate agents/landlords are responsive to their tenants and help fix problems quickly and effectively. We take great pride in providing properties that are well maintained and are frequently refurbished and refreshed. We want all our tenants to feel at home and relax in their own space, knowing that they will be well taken care of if any issues do arise.

7. What is Right for You?

When looking for accommodation, it's important to know what you want. When viewing a property, try and get a sense of whether you would be happy there. It's crucial that you find a place that fits you and your lifestyle, this includes the location, the general feel of the property, amenities and anything else that you will need. Living in a property that is not a fit can put a strain on your year at university.

Unihousing Student Accommodation

Unihousing have provided excellent student lets in Selly Oak to a great number of happy tenants, which is why we've been referred to as "probably the best landlord in Selly Oak". We strive to provide student accommodation to those at university. Our aim is to give students their ideal living situation and depending on each tenant's needs we have a variety of available houses, studios and rooms in Selly Oak.

We have an extremely experienced team that are here to look out for you and help you find the right place, ensuring that you feel comfortable every step of the way. Additionally, we strive to offer a variety of properties. Whether you are looking for a 1 bed flat in Selly Oak, or houses to let in Selly Oak, we have got it all. If you're looking for student accommodation in Selly Oak for next year, why not get in contact with Unihousing today and find the right property for you.