A Helpful Guide for New Students

Even though getting into the swing of things as a new student will be different for everyone, there are some ways of tackling this big change in your life that can help almost anyone. While the ideas here are not exactly exhaustive, they will get you pointed in the right direction and helping you make a good start to being at uni’ and living away from home.

Register with the Local Doctors and Dentists

This is one piece of advice that is hugely beneficial, and perhaps easily overlooked. There’s no arguing with the fact that you need to take care of your health, especially as now you are living independently and with more responsibility for yourself. It shouldn’t take long to do or be too difficult. And you’ll be glad once you’ve done it, too.

Register with local doctors and dentists

Getting Around the Uni’

If you leave extra time to find the room for your lecture in the early stages of your university course, you lessen the chance of getting lost and confused about where the room is and reduce the risk of being late. Of course, first impressions can be important so lateness is better to be avoided, but more serious than that, being late can mean missing vital information as well as getting you stressed out. Use a map or notes or find handy hints to help you remember where places are around the university, but make sure you do it in advance so you’re not in a rush come the day of the lecture itself.

Somewhere to Live

Getting the right accommodation is important for any student; it is, after all, going to be your home for the next few years as you journey through university. Taking that into account then, it’s essential that you consider the cost, size of room/rooms, furnishings and of course, location of your student home. Once you’ve done that and have decided whether you want a shared house or a private studio, you can begin to relax.

How Unihousing Can Help

Based in Birmingham, Unihousing are a letting agency Selly Oak students have put their trust in year after year. Whether it’s a student apartment, a house to share or a student studio you’re interested in, our university housing is ready for you. It’s not only the spacious rooms, tasteful décor and immensely convenient furnishings that make our Selly Oak accommodation tailored made for today’s students, as the superb locations of our properties make life so much easier.

How Unihousing can help

Our houses, apartments, and studios in Selly Oak are within short distances from shops, pubs and supermarkets, making your trip to stock up on essentials or see friends in the evening a hassle-free one. Plus, with Selly Oak being frequented by handy, cost-effective public transport, getting to the bright lights and vibrancy of the Birmingham City Centre and other interesting places is super-easy too!

New Routines

One second you’re planning to start at uni and move into your student accommodation, the next it’s happening, and you have all of these things to do just to get to the end of the week. Cooking, cleaning, washing your clothes, shopping- they’re all necessary parts of living on your own, and maybe some of them you’re not even that used to doing.

The answer here is to establish some kind of system that ensures you get these jobs done regularly and at a time that suits you. If you are sharing a house this could lead to the creation of a rota to make sure the duties are shared equally. You could also put your mind to thinking about scheduling your time to benefit you and your lifestyle. This could involve doing some exercise, meditating, budgeting and organising your money, or even phoning home to make sure you stay in touch with family.

New routines

Making Things you Own

Right from the beginning, you will almost certainly benefit from making where you live as appealing as possible. Your student accommodation will become your home for quite a while so making it your own has its merits. Although doing this will lead to you making the place feel a little more comfortable, it also can mean personalising your accommodation, putting your stamp on it to give your student home a touch of “you”.

Familiarizing Yourself With the Local Area

Another thing to do early on is to get familiar with your local area. Apart from the fact that this serves a practical purpose, it helps you feel more settled too. So make sure you have a look around the area near to your accommodation and find out where the shops, supermarkets as well as public transport stops are. And then, for something more fun, find out where the best places to eat are, also.

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