Finding Student Accommodation: Studios or Houses?

Which is a better fit for you, student studios or houses? Find out in this blog.

There is still time to find your ideal student accommodation for your time at University. At Unihousing, we offer a variety of student lets to fit your budget and your needs. All of our student accommodation is just a short walk from the University of Birmingham, and whether you are looking for a studio, apartment, or a bigger house to let, we have got you covered. The question is, what kind of student property is a good option for you?

Student accommodation

Selly Oak Student Houses

Typically, our student houses in Selly Oak are shared between a group of friends and comprise of three to seven beds in a property. Various options are available depending on whether you want a slightly smaller house or a bigger one to share with more friends. Our houses consist of communal living areas such as the kitchen, living room and dining area.

Many of our properties have a nice amount of space, which can be great for hosting and having friends over. In addition to the shared spaces, each tenant will have a good-sized bedroom which is private and removed from the communal areas. This gives all occupants a space of their own to get away when needed.


One of the brilliant parts about shared housing is the community that you have around you. Though it can be nice to have alone time sometimes, having a group of friends around to experience university with, can be a wonderful option. As you will have shared spaces, there will be plenty of space to socialise and even invite others over when desired. Most houses also have their rear garden/outdoor space, which offers another place for socialising in the warmer months.

Student houses

Other bonuses include cooking together and even sharing food and utility bills to spread the costs and save money. A good tip when sharing communal areas is to create a cleaning rota so that all tenants can feel like they are all pitching in to keep their house a clean and relaxing space to be in. This will provide a sense of team and togetherness, which is a plus.


Though sharing a house can be a brilliant experience for some, it is worth noting that it isn't suitable for everyone. If you are someone who values your own space and likes having the freedom to cook, clean, and shower according to your timetable, then sharing accommodation could be quite difficult.

Another important tip is to know your housemates well beforehand. When everyone pitches in and keeps the house clean and tidy, it can be a wonderful year. The difficulty comes when you have people who struggle to be clean and help out around the house. It can feel overwhelming if you end up doing most of the work around the communal areas, so make sure you live with friends that you can count on.

Student Studios Near UoB

Student studios have become extremely popular in Selly Oak. Studios are a brilliant option if you are looking for a solo space that you don't have to share. Our studios' properties comprise of an open plan living area, with a double bed, study area with a TV and private food prep area.

The big benefit to studios is that they all come with an ensuite bathroom, giving you the independence and privacy you need. Additionally, the rooms likely come with their quiet fridge, meaning that all of your food can be separated from the main shared kitchen area.

Student studios


One of the biggest advantages to living in a studio is the independence you have. Since you have a private living area, bathroom and food prep area, you are responsible for your cleaning and don't have to rely on anyone else. You also do not have to worry about fitting around someone else's bathroom schedule.

Some of our studios come with kitchens which are shared with one other tenant, but your studio will have it's own food area with storage, including a quality low-noise fridge, meaning that you can keep all of your belongings in your room, away from others. This eliminates most of the added stress with shared chores and communal spaces.


Though it can be great to have your own private space, some may struggle with the lack of daily social interaction. It can be more difficult to meet new people and develop friendships, especially since your living space isn't ideal for big groups of people. Similarly to flats and apartments, studios also do not tend to have their own garden spaces.

This means that you will likely be indoors more often which some may find difficult. Additionally, as you are living alone you will most likely be unable to share costs regarding the bills, food and other shopping, so it might be more challenging to save money and keep costs down.

What is the Best Option for You and Your Needs?

The first step to finding your ideal accommodation is deciding whether you would rather live independently or with people. It's important to have a stress-free year at university, and this will hugely depend on whether your accommodation fits your lifestyle and budget. Shared accommodation can be more cost-effective for students, whereas studios can give you added independence and privacy.

How can Unihousing Help?

At Unihousing we offer a variety of properties to rent depending on your needs and budget. We are a student landlord who are dedicated to finding you a good fit. Whether you are seeking more independence, or a year full of friends and community, we can offer you wonderful rental properties. Have a look at our website to see our properties and contact our friendly reception staff.