Mixing it Up: The Student's Balancing Act

Getting the right mix of the things you need and the things you want can be difficult sometimes. Issues related to your student accommodation, your relationships and, of course, what you're studying at university are just some of what can make uni' life a challenge. But with your friends around you and the potential for enjoyment that your free-time presents, there's shouldn't be any reason why this period of your life can't be really rewarding, too. Finding this balance between both sides of the equation is partly where the difficulty lies, however.

If your student accommodation is a problem for you at the moment, Unihousing, based in Selly Oak, may just be the solution you need to know about. Providing excellent Birmingham student accommodation, Unihousing's student studios and houses for you and your mates to share are not only spacious and affordably priced, but they are situated in superb locations as well.

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This may already be the cornerstone of your uni' experience, but there are times when students feel isolated, thus underlining the importance of socialising with others. And even if you are someone who goes out and sees friends regularly, there are ways of socialising that can refresh the perhaps overfamiliar routine of going to the usual pubs and clubs etc. So, you could try and combine seeing friends with sports activities, or visiting places that are slightly out-of-the-ordinary or doing other activities that seem similarly unusual.

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Youtube Videos

It's easy to spend hour after hour on YouTube, watching silly clips or cat videos, or maybe even videos related to your study. But what is definitely worth remembering is that sites like YouTube represents an opportunity to learn, to find things out and help you look into areas that may be of concern to you. So, if something is troubling you on a personal level for example, there might be someone else out there going through the same thing which might help you. Or it might be that you need some hints or tips to enhance your studying, or a little push in the right direction with something related to your hobbies. Given that there's a lot on there, if you are one of those people that finds themselves being drawn to this site during your free time, it's a good idea to consider how it can be helpful as well as entertaining.

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Health and Fitness

One of the basics perhaps, but health and fitness is seriously important. Even though it may be a relatively uninteresting subject to some, with a bit of thought, it can be made more interesting. We all know how essential it is to eat healthily, despite the fact that passing the local takeaways can be hard to resist. Yet what is less obvious is how many intriguing and tasty meal ideas are out there that combine obvious healthy content with great flavours. Similarly, keeping-fit doesn't have to be dull either. By seeking-out sporting activities or even organising your own no matter how small, making sure you get the right amount of exercise every week will be easy as well as fun.


Without question a key part of the university experience, studying is also immensely challenging too, at times. Although there are all sorts of hints and tips to be found that can improve studying, it's vital to make sure you discover what works for you and what ways you can overcome your specific weaknesses. Sometimes the problem can lie in how students tackle their studying, as procrastination can be a major issue for some, while others struggle with organising their work. Take a conscientious approach and you should start to notice the benefits.

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In these times where the internet is so popular, and the centre-of-attention for most people are the latest talked-about TV series on Netflix, it's easy to forget about reading. Quiet, solitary and uncomplicated, reading can be a calming way to get a break from everything and drift off into another space. Great for getting you to reflect in addition to just being a pleasurable thing to do, reading can also be brilliant way to take your mind off the stresses of the day before you get the good night's rest that you no doubt will need.

Birmingham Student Accommodation with Unihousing

Being comfortable is one thing - and finding that the local area meets your requirements is quite another. Luckily though, Unihousing provides student accommodation that is both comfortable and situated in an ideal location. With student studios and houses located in Selly Oak Birmingham, Unihousing's properties allow you hassle-free access to an array of shops, supermarkets and other amenities. Alongside this, you will discover a collection of restaurants and takeaways as well as pubs and clubs that will make your time living as a student in Birmingham a relaxed and enjoyable one.

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