New year New Change and Unihousing Student Accommodation

Read more about what you should look out for and what changes you should make in the new year.

Another Twelve Months

It's early 2019 and it's a good time to take a little look around you and evaluate everything before you head-off into the what the coming year holds. One thing that you'll want to check is how satisfied you are in your current student accommodation. If you're a Birmingham student, then Unihousing might just be the thing to point you in the right direction. Specialising in Selly Oak student studios and houses, Unihousing offer high-standard Birmingham student accommodation that is excellently located and affordably priced.


Making a Change For You

It can be easy to notice the more negative aspects that make-up part of something such as your current student accommodation, but that doesn't mean that better options aren't available. The kind of student accommodation that can be discovered through Selly Oak based-registered lettings agents Unihousing for example could be the superior alternative to where you are currently living. Whatever your immediate thoughts are, considering what aspects of your tenancy experience could be improved is a good idea.

Student Studio Bedroom

Rent: Are you Getting Value for Money?

This is an important question to ask yourself. The price you pay for rent each month is a large part of your outgoings on a student budget, so making sure that you feel you are getting value for money is important. If you don't feel that you're getting value for money, you do have the option to consider other student properties. Unihousing are a landlord that provide good quality student studios and shared houses and do so for an affordable price, and their properties are well-maintained with all the furnishings that a student in this day and age should need. In short, they are worth considering if you are pondering moving out of where you are.

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How Good Is Your Landlord?

Another part of getting the best out of your student living experience whilst you're at uni' is having a landlord that works effectively for you. A lettings agent such as Unihousing for example meets this criteria, as they are easily accessible and are able to fulfil reasonable requests for potential tenants prior to them moving-in, such as new electrical points and replacements of furniture. They also have their own team of qualified tradesmen to resolve any problems that may arise in your home.

Accommodation Location and Your Convenience

It might be that another reason for you starting to think about moving is the inconvenience of the property's location. The location of your student home should ideally have everything that you need access to at a short distance from your front door. That way, getting what you require on a regular basis is quicker, easier and cheaper, as less travelling is needed. A place like Selly Oak, for example, certainly boasts this kind of convenience. It is filled with supermarkets, shops, and has pharmacies, hairdresser/barbers and a whole range of tempting take-away places to whet your appetite.

The University of Birmingham

The Appeal of Your Location

The appeal of a location isn't all about practicality and convenience, though. Ideally, a location should be interesting, relaxed and home to- or very near- things and places to keep you entertained. Without these things, your free-time could become very dull, so if the location your current student accommodation is not stimulating you might want to consider moving. Unihousing's Selly Oak student studios are situated with restaurants, pubs and clubs just a walk away, meaning that making friends, socialising and having a bit of fun at the end of the day or week is always a possibility.

What makes Selly Oak such a great place to be situated in is that it is neighboured by a number of other interesting Birmingham towns such as Kings Heath, Harborne and Moseley. Furthermore, Birmingham City Centre is only a 10-15 minute drive or train ride away, which only increases your choices of stimulating places to go as well as things to see and do. Birmingham is a very lively and cultural city, and there is almost always something eye-catching going-on, so it is unlikely that you will ever find yourself becoming bored or uninspired.

How Accessible Is Your Location?

When it comes to renting student accommodation, being isolated from everyone else that's important in your life such as family and friends is probably not going to be very good for you, and the poor accessibility of your accommodation may contribute to this problem. With an easily accessible location of a student home though, seeing people will be less difficult. So, if you decide to opt for a Unihousing student property then, you will be close to bus and train services as well as efficient road systems to allow you to get about and see the people you want to see, when you want to see them.

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