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Ten Top Tips for Saving Money

Here you will find all of the best tips and tricks to help you in your coming year at university.

1. Do your own cooking

Do your own cooking

Limiting how much you eat out, including take aways, is a very easy way to save a lot of money. This type of food is very expensive in comparison to buying the ingredients and cooking yourself. Not to mention, learning to cook at home means you can have a healthier lifestyle. You can keep things interesting by having people around for dinner, this makes cooking a lot more fun, and gives everyone a chance to show off and share their culinary skills.

2. Budget your spending

Budget your spending

Budgeting is simple and effective, it helps you to see what your potential spending for the month is. This will tell you how much you have available to spend on luxury items and how much is needed for essential items.

3. Student discounts

Student discounts

Be aware of where you might find the best student discount. Many may not realise this, but discounts specifically for students can be found almost anywhere. From highstreet stores to transport and travel, there’s always something available.

4. Find yourself a part time job

Find yourself a part time job

This is an easy way to bring in a little extra cash at the start of the month. Students working one day a week could earn as much as £200 extra a month. Become more proactive with your days off and earn yourself some extra spending money each month.

5. Use public transport

Use public transport

Public transport is a great way to save money. Driving can be enjoyable for most people, as it gives them more freedom. However, the running cost of a car can be very expensive, especially for new drivers, not to mention parking costs. In comparison, the cost of travelling across the city on train or bus is very affordable, and can save you money.

6. Avoid paying for the gym

Avoid paying for the gym

Keeping fit and healthy is very important, however, going to the gym is an expensive way of doing this. Use can your local parks and communal areas to work out and keep fit. This will save you a lot of money in the long run. Some gyms do offer cheaper deals, always keep an eye out.

7. Food shop in the evenings

Food shop in the evenings

Many large food stores drop their prices in the evenings, to sell off food that will soon go out of date. As long as you freeze it as soon as you get home, it should be safe to eat for several weeks. Remember to always check the label for cooking and storage instructions. Around 6pm is when you're most likely to find these bargains on the shelf.

8. Get as many loyalty cards as you can

Get as many loyalty cards as you can

It's not hard to hold onto a few extra plastic cards when you’re out and about. It may take a little while but you will eventually begin to see the results. These cards can offer free items, money off and in some cases, actual money vouchers. This can add up to huge savings throughout the year.

9. Check your emails for discounts

Check your emails for discounts

If you do any online shopping, you will be well aware that companies send out newsletters each month via email. These often have discount offers and digital vouchers that can save you some money. Make sure you check your emails for any good offers.

10. Dont leave it too late

10. Dont leave it too late

Find your accommodation early, many students will leave it till the last minute to find somewhere to stay for the next academic year. This often means they will end up somewhere that doesn't suit them. Start your search early, and get more for your money.

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