Finding What's Right for You

When it comes to your University experience, it’s important to seriously consider what student accommodation best suits you. Choosing the right student property for you is key to having a positive University experience, but it can be much harder than it seems.

By figuring out what would best suit you and what you need to have the most comfortable year in your studies, you can then ensure that you will have the best year possible here in Birmingham.

To find out which student property is right for you, continue reading below and find out how Unihousing could help you find your ideal property. When looking for student accommodation, there are generally 3 forms of property available. These are:

Student Houses

A typical student house in Birmingham is shared between a group of students. The house will commonly include a communal living space and dining area, along with your own bedroom and 1-2 bathrooms depending on the size of the house. This set up is very similar to student halls, just on a smaller scale. This communal living plan requires housemates to work together to keep the spaces clean and tidy, while also creating opportunities of community and interaction as a way of growing and developing friendships.

Student House


Commonly, student houses will come with a small back garden which can be a wonderful asset particularly in the warmer months. Having a place to go without necessarily leaving the house is a huge benefit and provides even more opportunities for positive community living and developing relationships. Additionally, some properties are lucky enough to have a driveway for students who are able to drive, which can be a great perk. Lastly, a big plus to living in a shared house is the ability to save money on a variety of utilities, food and general supplies.

What to Watch Out For

It is extremely important to make smart decisions with regards to who your housemates will be. Sometimes students will find that their shared accommodation is not kept as clean as they would like. This can be a result of differences in schedules, uncommunicated expectations, different standards of cleanliness or simply someone not pulling their weight.

Shared living definitely has massive positives but can also create more stress due to unwanted confrontation which can lead to aggravation between housemates. Lastly, though students do have their own room, some may find that their privacy isn’t on the same level as they might have living in other forms of accommodation.

Student Apartments/Flats

f you are looking for a smaller space to either share or live in by yourself, our student flats and apartments are very common in the local area and might be the right place for you. By staying in a flat or apartment, your space will normally consist of a small living area including a cooking station and some form of lounge/seating area.

Depending on whether you want to share or live alone, most of our flats come with a shared bathroom and two/three separate bedrooms, while solo occupants will have their own private washroom and a bedroom separately located from the living area of the property. These properties give you a balanced living space that is smaller, easier to clean, providing you with your own personal space, and/or the opportunity to live with fewer people than in a large shared house.

Student Flat


By choosing one of our flats or apartments, you are guaranteed more privacy and space, due to the fact you aren’t sharing with a bunch of other people. You will also commonly find that washing, cleanliness and the general tidiness of the property will be easier to maintain collectively.

What to Watch Out For

Most flats and apartments lack a garden space for you to enjoy. Student flats generally forego gardens, meaning that the warmer months can be harder to enjoy.

Student Studios

Student studios are quickly becoming extremely popular for our students here in Selly Oak. These living spaces are rented out on a solo basis for students who fully want their own space. In our studios you can expect one large room containing all the component you could need as a student, with a separate private washroom that leads off from the room as well. Our studios include a sleeping area, desk and storage space, cooking facilities and a small living area. These spaces are ideal for students who live a more fast-paced lifestyle, or for those who have quite a busy schedule and need their own space and privacy.

Student Studio


One of the main advantages you will benefit from in our studios is privacy. When you are living with others, privacy can be very hard to find. This type of home gives you your own space when needed so you can enjoy some time to yourself. This means you can seek out community and socialising when it best suits you.

Another major benefit to living alone is the amount of control you have over the property; the cleanliness of the space is down to you and you are freed from having to clean up other people’s mess. This can save a lot of mental frustration and stress that comes with shared living. Finally, all studios come with their own private washroom, which is a wonderful luxury and perk to most students.

What to Watch Out For

Solo living can make it hard to socialise and step out of your comfort zone to meet people and develop relationships. Though it can be brilliant having your own private space, at times it can be easy to fall into patterns of loneliness. It’s extremely important to make the effort to go out and interact with others and develop friendships, so that when you need people around you, you know who to call. Student societies are a great option to help with this.

Similar to flats and apartments, studio spaces often do not include a garden or outdoor place, which can be a struggle in the warm months in spring and summer. And though it can be wonderful to have a kitchen, bathroom and place all to yourself, that runs according to your own personal schedule, it’s important to keep in mind that general living can be a slightly more expensive, since you can’t share the costs between several people.

Knowing What is Best for You

Once you have figured out what you are looking for, the rest is easy. We offer a wide variety and amount of properties, and our knowledgeable staff are here to help you find the perfect place for you. If you are still unsure about what’s next for you, here’s a quick rundown of the options available.

Student House - Ideal for a group of close friends who are all comfortable around each other. This sort of living requires a team of friends that can work together to live in comfort. This option is perfect for students who thrive in community, relationships and the shared element of a living space. If you’re easily annoyed or like your own space, this may not be the best fit for you.

Student Apartment or Flat - Perfect option for two friends (or as a solo tenant) who can live and work well together and on their own on a daily basis. This property is ideal for social people who like to invite friends over but still like to have the opportunity for privacy when needed.

Student Studio - A student studio is designed for a more independent and fast-paced lifestyle. This sort of property is built to house a sole person, and while it may not offer as much space as other properties, it still offers some space to have friends over for studying or pre-drinks. If your privacy and independence is important, then this is the place for you.

Student Accomodation in Selly Oak

Hopefully by now you should have a reasonable idea about what it is you want for your next academic year. The only thing left to do is begin the search, and where better to start than Selly Oak based Unihousing. Offering all types of student accomodation, we are sure to have the ideal location which makes you feel right at home.

Contact Unihousing today and find student accomodation which is right for you.